1000 calorie diet, Can I do it?

eating 1000 calories a day




1000 calorie diet is a low calorie diet where you can only consume 1000 calorie per day. It is allowed a variation between 990 and 1100 calories. It is necessary to include in these 1000 calories a minimum of 300g of meat or fish.

Like any low-calorie diet, the 1000 calorie diet plan has benefits and risks. You will discover in this article, the principle of this diet, the benefits and risks of it. In addition to its effectiveness.


The principles of 1000 calorie diet weight loss

When we know that caloric needs are not the same for men and women. For men are between 2000 and 2200 calories per day and between 1800 and 2000 calories for women. This slimming diet is a really low calorie diet, almost draconian, as it reduces half the daily calorie intake. As for any low-calorie diet, this slimming diet consists in reducing to 1000 calories the total of food absorbed during a day, and this, in order to constrain the body to draw on its stocks of fatty tissue resulting in a loss weight.

The rules and recommendations associated with this diet must be followed to the letter to optimize weight loss. Thus, it is forbidden to eat outside meals and alcoholic beverages are to be avoided formally. Water is the main drink to choose.


The benefits of the plan

This diet plan has a number of advantages. The main advantage of this diet is a rapid loss of weight. It also has the advantage of being simple to make, the dishes being easy to prepare, inexpensive and no food is prohibited.


The risks of the plan

For this diet, it is difficult to achieve a healthy nutritional value. The body is thus exposed to various nutritional deficiencies which generally require the taking of food supplements. In addition, very often, low-calorie diets like this make no distinction between good and bad fats, high-glycemic sugars or those with a low glycemic index. Therefore, on the one hand, deprived of sugar and essential fatty acids, the body is unable to properly assimilate proteins, resulting in a high probability of deficiency of amino acids. And without amino acids, we also lose a good deal of muscle mass.

In addition, this diet plan is a very restrictive, fatigue and frustration are soon to be felt. It is therefore not recommended to follow it for too long a period. In general, it is advisable not to exceed 3 to 4 weeks. Moreover, the temptation after diet is much too great and very often, when it stops, it is very tempting to resume bad eating habits. Also, to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect following a diet that is as low in calories as this diet plan, the best option is to start a stabilization phase. During this period the body is used to resume good eating habits, eating better while eating less.


Effectiveness of the 1000 calorie diet

Halving daily caloric intake is a sure way to lose weight fast. However, the real question is whether the result is sustainable and whether the effects remain on weight loss without harming the health of the body. If, and only if, the choice of foods included in the dietary program of the diet has been developed by a professional, so as to ensure the nutritional needs of the body, despite the very low number of calories, then this diet plan can be an effective option for losing weight healthily. And, like any low-calorie diet, it must be followed by a stabilization phase.

According to the opinion of many health professionals, a loss of 1 kilo per week is the norm. It is also very rare to lose more than 2 pounds a week, without damaging your health. In addition, the goal of this diet plan should be to adopt healthy eating habits.

The stabilization period should then be done in stages to avoid the yoyo effect. Thus, after 3 to 4 weeks of this diet plan, we should go to 1200 calories, then 1500 calories until reaching the 1800 calories, gradually incorporating the forbidden foods from previous diets.


How to compose your menus?

To help you easily compose your menus, there is a food guide by category of food at the end of this article. It shows the foods you can combine for the three main meals of the day.

If you do not want to follow this diet, you can use it as a dashboard to compose a single menu of the day or week according to your desires or depending on the food available at home.

The recommendation is: It is not because one drastically reduces his daily contributions that one makes the best diet. Be sure to choose a balanced and diversified diet. It is recommended to add a portion of starchy foods to the three main meals of the day to avoid snacking shortly after the meal.

Do not forget to practice regular physical activity, it can increase your energy expenditure and tip the scales in the right direction! It’s not a question of hours of intensive sport every day, but rather of walking fast … climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, swimming or cycling.

Namely: During the first 1/2 hour of physical activity your body draws the energy it needs from your available sugar supply; when this reserve is “consumed” your body will then tap into your adipose tissue (= fat). Conclusion: try to eat after the effort.

Don’t stop your diet abruptly on pain of rapid increase in weight, but to integrate over the weeks the foods removed and continue with low calorie recipes tested for you. They are tasty and simple to make.


Essential tools and devices to consume 1000 calorie meal plan low carb: 

A scale


Scale used to weigh food is essential in 1000 calories diet

To be able to meet 1000 calories per day, it is therefore necessary to weigh food in order to be as accurate as possible.

A steamer or a self-cooker

Nothing like a steamer because it keeps the nutritional qualities of your food more than a cooking where you boil or whiten food.

Self-cooking cookers allow you to compose low-calorie meals easily while limiting the fat consumption needed for food to not attach to the bottom. It is therefore an interesting device that it is wise to own when you want to follow a low calorie diet.


Food guide by category of food


Breakfast Guide                                                             Calories (kcal)

Coffee or tea without sugar                                          0

+ to choose:

– skimmed milk powder 25 g (2 tablespoons)              90

– fresh skimmed milk 250 g (1 bowl)                             90

– lean yogurts (2)                                                            90


+ a fruit or starch see                                                     90


Lunch Guide                                                                      Calories (kcal)

Lean meat (defatted) or fish                                              200

Green vegetables                                                               90

Cheese                                                                                90

Fruits                                                                                   90


Dinner Guide                                                                             Calories (kcal)

Lean meat (defatted) or eggs                                                    200

Green vegetables                                                                       90

Cheese or fruits                                                                          90



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