1050 calorie diet: calorie restriction diet plan

calorie restriction diet plan

1050 calorie diet designed for those people who need to lose those extra kilos to feel better. You must strictly carry out the meals detailed below, they can’t exceed 1050 calories in total, it is also important that you do some type of physical activity.

1050 calorie diet can be followed only for 7 days, it will allow you to lose weight around 3 kilos. It is essential that you have a healthy state of health, drink as much water as possible daily, sweeten your infusions with sweetener and season your meals with salt and lemon juice.


1050 calorie diet per day, What is it?

A 1050 calorie diet is considered a hypocaloric diet, because it provides less calories than those needed by the body under normal conditions. So the body will use lipid reserves for energy, and this will lead to decrease fat tissue and weight loss.

A diet of 1050 calories a day is a bit scarce. Although it depends on the height, age and gender, it can be said that 1050 calories a day are few. Therefore it is not recommended to do additional exercise to burn more.

The 1050 Calorie Diet consists of suppressing sugars for rapid absorption, and in greatly limiting saturated fat. In addition to the good distribution of calories, the consumption of a minimum of 0.8 g of protein per kg of ideal weight is added.

If you have in mind to start in this type of diet you should pay special attention to the nutritional value of the foods to be consumed, to ensure you receive the greatest amount of nutrients and the least amount of calories.

With the diet of 1050 calories you can lose weight between 1 and 2 kilos per week, if it is well accompanied by 35 minutes of walking and 8 hours of sleep for a better balance.

 low calorie meal plan


What you eat in diets of 1050 calories per day

Simply, vegetables and fruits are the main food. The reason is their calories are not high and have a lot of fibers, so you can feel satiated and not to be overeating. Fats are not to exceed 30%.


How much will you lose weight with this diet?

With this diet you will usually lose around 1 or 2 kilos per week, if you accompany this diet with walk 30 minutes a day and sleep 8 hours to balance your metabolism. if you exercise, be careful because it is a very low calorie diet. If you play sports you must take 1 fruit and one tea after training.

If you feel very tired or do not feel good, stop diet immediately and seek professional medical help. It does not make sense to lose weight if you put your health at risk.


Diet 1050 Calories in Pregnancy

This diet is not recommended for pregnant women because it determines in a certain way the state of health that the pregnant woman is adopting and what we want is that it is 100% healthy so that the baby can grow. The diet should be based on fiber and whole products, tea, coffee, yogurt, among other low-calorie products.

An example of the feeding is the following

Breakfast: coffee, half orange and a slice of bread

Snack: a cup of fruit

Lunch: cream soup of whatever you want

Snack: a fruit

Dinner: assorted vegetables

Another example of the menu:

Breakfast: slice of bread

Snack: a cup of fruit

Lunch: soup

Snack: a fruit

Dinner: vegetables


Diet of 1050 Calories for Diabetics

Maintain an ideal and healthy diet to fight the diabetes that afflicts it, such as low-fat foods, not consume sugar or avoid them as much as you can, consume plenty of water throughout the day, fruits, whole foods, low glucose, other foods that are very helpful for diabetics.

Example of menu

Breakfast: tea or water, ham sandwiches

Snack: fruit cup (fruit with low sugar levels)

Lunch: soup of auyama cream

Snack: a slice of melon

Dinner: steamed vegetables

It can also be like this:

Breakfast: coffee, a slice of bread with cheese

Snack: a cup of tea

Lunch: chicken with steamed potatoes

Snack: a fruit

Dinner: assorted vegetables


1050 Calories Vegetarian Diet

The purpose of this diet is to allow those people, due to certain circumstances, not to eat any type of meat, so that one of the main foods that vegetarians consume (worth the redundancy) are all existing vegetables in their different forms and ways of preparation, like the so-called dehydrated meats.

Breakfast: tea, half fruit and a slice of bread

Snack: a cup of fruit

Lunch: vegetable soup

Snack: a fruit

Dinner: baked fish

It can also be the following:

Breakfast: coffee, half orange and a slice of bread

Snack: a cup of fruit

Lunch: cream soup

Snack: a fruit

Dinner: assorted vegetables


1050 Calories High Protein Diet

It is a diet that is really low in carbide hydrates. Do not supply foods with unsaturated fats, sugars, sweeteners, so-called light foods; so it is recommended to eat fish and meat such as chicken and meat more often.


Diet 1050 Calories Low in Carbohydrates

The ideal in a 1000-calorie diet is to eliminate in a certain way the consumption of treated carbohydrates such as flours as well as foods that have unsaturated fats; The ideal is to consume foods such as so-called white meats, foods like vegetables that are natural and can’t be considered as carbohydrates and whole products. Make sure your nutritionist gives you a balanced diet taking those considerations.


Diet 1050 Calories without Gluten

These diets go hand in hand with foods that are usually natural and 100% fresh that do not have gluten, by combining them all you can achieve a diet that meets the desired balance, and that is really balanced to reduce weight. Gluten is found a lot in cereals.


low calorie meal plan recipes

Celery cream

You will need to:








Place in a basin to boil water with celery, salt and potatoes

When already this softening add the onion with the cilantro

Wait until it’s totally soft

When it is already let it stand and liquefy everything

Broccoli Baked with Cheese

You will need to:







Wash the broccoli well and leave it for a while in vinegar

Let the vinegar drain, wash and place in a heatproof container.

Add a little salt

When they are half cooked, add the cheese on top

Let it grate and remove from the oven.


Openion of calorie restriction diet plan

It is true that a diet low in calories will lead us to lose weight, we must not forget that the exaggerated reduction of calories can be an obstacle to our results. Since a reduction of this type, like the one that occurs with the 1050 calorie diet can slow down the metabolism, causing a significant rebound effect afterwards.

This type of diets are the most recommended in patients with extreme obesity, to quickly start a weight loss, but prescribe it for you or anyone puts the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies, stopping the metabolism and losing muscle mass.


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