1200 calorie diet promises a weight loss between 6 and 12 pounds in 10 days, works best if accompanied by moderate exercise of 30 minutes daily walk or any type of cardio.

1200 calorie diet is a starting diet for those who have taken the serious decision to change their eating habits. Once completed, it must be followed by a healthy lifestyle, although being a balanced diet has no rebound effect.

If you want to try this diet, know that the majority of your menus must be composed mainly of protein. Lipids are to be avoided.


1200 calorie diet principle

The principle of this type of diet is quite simple: absorb fewer calories than you spend. Lacking resources, the body is thus forced to tap its needs into its reserves. Depending on the type of physical activity associated with this diet, weight loss can range from 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. [In 900 calorie diet, weight loss can range from 2.5 to 3 pounds per week.]

In the 1200 calorie diet, the restrictions are much greater than in a 1500 calorie diet. Thus, the quantities of food will be greatly reduced, and foods high in fat and those with a high glycemic index will be limited. Starchy foods will be banned from the food program for the first 3 weeks, but protein is a big part of the diet.

As other low calorie diets, no snacks is allowed between meals. This slimming diet also prohibits alcoholic beverages, refined sugars and bad fats often found in prepared foods and industrial products.


1200 calorie diet phases

A 1200 calorie diet includes 3 phases. Each phase is one week. The first is the most difficult since it will mark the beginning of your diet and it will avoid the so-called prohibited foods. During the other two phases, other foods can be introduced as and when. Anyway, for the three phases, the 1200 calories must be respected.

Phase 1: detoxification

During the first week, both lipids and carbohydrates should be avoided. For this first phase, your body will also be upset due to dietary changes and fewer calories per day. This will encourage your body to seek energy from the available stores in your body.

Phase 2: stabilization

For this second week, your body will begin to get used to different occult changes. You can also begin to introduce in your diet carbohydrates and fats, but in small quantities.

Phase 3: the adjustment

During the last week, foods banned under a diet such as red meat can be incorporated into your menus. Of course, choose low fat foods. For this last phase, you will also notice that the weight loss is less important compared to the first two weeks.

And after ?

At the end of the third week of the 1200 calorie diet, stop your diet. On the other hand, it is important not to resume a rich diet. Increase the number of calories as you go so your body gets used to this new upheaval.


Foods allowed in this diet

Among the dairy products, you can consume cottage cheese and yogurt with 0% fat. You can also drink skim milk. For foods rich in protein, eggs, white meat, but also red can be consumed. The fish will also be incorporated into your menus. Products rich in vitamins and fiber will of course be favored as part of your diet. So you can eat fruits, vegetables or grains. For drinks, alcohol and sugary drinks will be banned, but water, tea, herbal teas and lemon juice will be favored


The benefits of this slimming diet

Without starving the body, the 1200 calorie diet is effective, simple to perform and can be extended indefinitely, depending on the number of pounds to lose. But also and above all, depending on your iron will, motivation and tenacity of each. In addition, this diet is a great way to resume good eating habits, including avoiding snacking and allowing to eat reasonably only when you’re hungry. Eat only when you’re hungry, and stop eating as soon as you’re satiated. This slimming diet is not a restrictive diet. Indeed, you can eat everything, but in reasonable proportions, with a preference for vegetables, fruits, lean meats …


Thus, from the moment the meals are balanced and contain all the nutrients necessary for the body, this diet will be effective and safe. Finally, the benefit of the diet is to learn how to make balanced meals.


The risks of this diet

As a low calorie diet, this diet can present some health hazard. Indeed, during the diet, we actually lose weight, however, the loss is not only adipose tissue, but also lean mass or muscle tissue. Indeed, apart from fatigue and the intellectual and physical weakness that could cause this diet, it could result from this type of low-calorie diet, food deficiency not insignificant in the long term. To alleviate this problem, people who greatly reduce their daily energy intake should take supplements. To avoid deficiencies, the best alternative is to consult a professional to develop a food program tailored to the needs of each.

Finally, risks of yoyo effect, harmful to the health of the body could occur at the end of the regime. In fact, the 1200 calorie diet quickly loses weight, however, if the person resumes his old eating habits, weight gain is inevitable. There is even a good chance of gaining even more weight than was lost during the diet.



This slimming diet is an effective diet that allows you to lose weight slowly and gradually. The goal is not to lose weight quickly, but rather to adopt a healthy diet to lose weight, stabilize and feel better in body and mind.

A 1200 calorie diet should be followed by stabilization period, where you will gradually increase your food.

This diet is intended for all sedentary people, but also for people who want to lose less than 10 kilos and who can no longer lose weight with a diet 1500 calories. This diet is also suitable for people who want to stabilize their weight following a diet lower in calories.


1200 calorie diet Meal Plan

Menu 1 (phase 1)

Breakfast: a coffee or sugar-free infusion with 2 (or 3) slices of lightly buttered bread.

Lunch: 100 g of chicken fillet with 250 g of baked or steamed potatoes. A yoghurt.

Dinner: An egg, steamed vegetables and a fruit.

Menu 2 (phase 2)

Breakfast: a coffee or a brew without sugar and 2 slices of bread (or 6 rusks) slightly buttered.

Noon: 150 g of white fish, steamed vegetables, yogurt and fruit.

Dinner: two slices of white ham accompanied by a salad of raw vegetables, a yoghurt and a fruit.

Menu 3 (phase 3)

Breakfast: 40 g of cereals + a fruit or 4 lightly buttered rusks accompanied by a fruit.

Lunch: 80 g of chopped steak, a salad of raw vegetables (tomatoes, for example), a yoghurt.

Dinner: 2 eggs with a salad and a fruit.


Easier alternative: 1500 calorie diet

Some nutritionists advocate more 1500 calories because it seems easier to impose this diet on a daily basis. In addition, it leaves more flexibility in the composition of menus on the choice of food but also on quantities.

The other positive point is that a diet of 1500 calories makes it easier to practice a sports activity, which is recommended to have a more balanced lifestyle over the long term. This way you will limit the heat input and you will also facilitate the combustion of the calories thanks to the sport.

Whatever your choice, remember that the goal is especially to lose weight without too much frustration and tiring. Otherwise the weight loss will be quick but temporary and that’s now what you’re looking for.





Course of action to be followed during the diet

The following lines carry the best tips to success in this diet. They are easy to follow and will be part of your daily routine:

 – Eat slowly at regular times, sitting, calm and relaxing as often as possible.

– Do not skip meals (three main meals a day at least).

– Do not stop a diet suddenly. “Yo-yo” diets end up making us regain lost weight or more.

– Do not snack between meals.

– Have a balance to determine the amount of food to eat at each meal.

– Do not drink alcoholic or sweet drinks but drink at least 1.5 l of non-caloric beverages per day (water, tea or coffee, infusion, vegetable broth or defatted meat, lemon squeezed without sugar, vegetable juice),

– Limit the sugar or replace it with a sweetener for drinks and desserts.

– Avoid light foods.

– Weigh ourselves regularly every week and always under the same conditions.

– Stay under medical supervision.


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