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1300 calorie diet plan is one of the many weight loss plans that reduce the caloric intake in order to lose weight. Be careful when following this 1300 calorie diet plan because drastic calorie reduction can cause many reactions as slowing the body’s metabolic rate. So, it is always advisable to get your doctor’s approval before starting to follow a very low calorie diet plan.


Precautions that must be taken before starting a diet of this type

First of all, you should do a medical assessment and a nutritionist to make sure that the method is actually the most suitable for you and you will not bring any problems to your health. A daily calorie reduction to 1300 calories is not a low value and must be done carefully so as not to bring problems.

It is necessary that health professionals define how long a person can follow this diet, how many meals a day it will be, just like the end of the program to keep a healthy way the results and how the nutritional composition of food.

This is important because in addition to weight loss, the method must ensure the health of those who follow, so that the person gets and the energy and nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

A very low calorie diet is one where the daily consumption is between 800 and 1500 calories. In other words, the 1,300 calorie diet falls into this category.

This type of diet should not be followed by women who are pregnant or nursing their babies ‘, children’s or adolescents’ processes (not that they are in some sort of specific treatment and is indicated by the doctor), and in some cases, people over 50 years old.

Very low calorie diets can also result in side effects such as constipation of fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and gallstones, as well as make nutrition and body satiety more difficult.


The first step

Once you’ve decided to start with your diet and get your doctor’s approval, the first step you want to do is to chuck out all the empty foods from your fridge and stack in the fridge with fruits, vegetables and health bars that are low in calories and whose sugar content is negligible. You can also get protein powders that can be mixed with milk or water to create milkshakes that can be taken as snacks in the middle of the day. Plus forget the sweet drinks about. It is absolutely essential to drink plenty of fluids, but fluids should be in the form of water or zero-calorie drinks. If you need variety in taste, green tea is also a great option to keep your body hydrated.

drink plenty of fluids in 1300 calorie diet

An effective plan to lose weight

For the balance of the organism, it is necessary that this contribution of 1300 kcal is well distributed during the day. Three daily meals are essential, to which one can possibly add a snack. Studies have shown that 1300 calories divided into four takes greater energy expenditure than the same intake divided into two meals only.

Balance is also the key to the success of a diet at 1300 kcal per day.

Protein foods are preferred because they increase the energy expenditure of the body. In case of vegetarian or even vegan diet, you should put on the menu of vegetable proteins: starchy foods served with legumes or tofu diet among others.


1300 calorie diet menu sample:

A sample diet of 1300 calories can be obtained by consuming about a cup of fruit, one and a half cup of vegetables, four ounces of grain, three ounces of meat and beans, two cups of milk and another 171 calories of your discretion. This diet will ensure that you get the necessary amount of nutrients and essential fatty acids, even if the calorie intake is low.

But before choosing any of the following menu suggestions for this feeding method, show your dietitian and confirm the menu in question is actually good for you.

This is important because every person has a body with different needs and functioning. So while a menu may work for someone else, it may not be the best for you.

Thus, the composition of each menu of 1300 calories per day diet can – and should – vary according to the needs and preferences of each person.


Sample menu 1:


You can have a cup of cereals, a cup of skim milk flour and a small banana for breakfast.


For a morning snack, you can enjoy a cup of skim milk mixed with ½ cup of frozen strawberries.


Primary constituents for lunch will be sandwich and fresh fruit. You can have two slices of wheat bread, three ounces of lean meats with a sprinkling of mustard, a slice of low-fat mozzarella cheese and a plum tree.


For tea, you can enjoy all the delicacy of your choices, but make sure that the number of calories is about 100 calories. Cottage cheese will be a great choice for a afternoon snack.


The total number of calories for your dinner should come around 510 calories. An ideal dinner would be a cup of beans of your choice, two small tortilla shells, a cup of shredded lettuce, two slices of mozzarella cheese, a portion of sour cream and rice.

You can have a cup of strawberries for a snack before bed.


1300 calorie diet for male


Sample menu 2:


For breakfast, you can have twelve ounces of caffeine-free coffee, two tablespoons of peanut butter, and a tablespoon of cream.


A medium-sized zest apple can be eaten as a mid-morning snack.


Three ounces of chicken breakfast, 12 ounces of a drink of your choice (no caffeine), quarter cup of plain croutons, a large garden salad without tomatoes and onions, and four spoons Thousand Islands soup reduced Kraft calories.


Another apple mediums companies are going to do or you can choose any snack of your choice that raises the number of 100 calories.


Dinner represents about 410 calories of the total of 1300 calories. You can have three ounces of chicken breast or white meat, a cup of cooked pasta and corn, a small garden salad without tomatoes or onions and two tablespoons of Kraft-reduced one thousand islands.

In generic terms, a 1300 calorie diet plan contains the following foods to serve the amounts of different food groups: three servings of the fruit group, five servings of the cereal group, two servings of vegetables in the group, six servings from the dairy group and two servings of meat and beans group. Too much processed food should be avoided on all accounts.


1300 calorie diet results

Following this diet plan will result in an average weight loss of 20 pounds in six weeks. The weight loss should be around two to four pounds per week. The amount of weight that is lost depends on various factors such as the amount of physical activity, calorie intake and body metabolism rate.

This diet is usually accompanied by some physical exercises and cardio. Too much physical effort should not be done because of low caloric intake. Talk with your doctor for diet approval and check the types of physical exercises you will be able to follow with this reduced calorie diet.


How much do we need calories each day?

In fact, there are no ready-made answers! Some adult people need 1300 calories, others 4000! A sporty man, very active, will need these 4000 calories in his diet, teenagers in full growth who spend a lot too.

1300 calories may be enough for an elderly woman, rarely leaving her home.

The energy intake most of us, of active age, is between 1800 to 2200 kcal / day for a woman and 2500 to 3500 kcal / day for a man.

However, a sedentary person is advised not to exceed 2000 calories per day and a manual worker outdoors, at least 3000 calories … But must we still take into account their age, body and their health ….


1300 calorie meal plan with shopping list

List of foods of less than 50 kcal and therefore the least fat:

The champion in any category is the cucumber (13 calories) that we eat without oil and cream obviously.

As for vegetables then comes lettuce then:

Radishes = 20

The fennel = 20

Tomatoes = 20

Peppers = 22

The mushrooms = 28

Spinach = 25

Asparagus = 26

The zucchini = 30

The chard = 30

The pumpkin = 30

Cauliflower = 30

Red cabbage = 36

Carrots = 38

Green beans = 40


The least caloric fruits are:

Rhubarb = 16

Watermelon = 30

Melon = 31

The papaya = 40

Strawberries = 36

Raspberries = 40

Grapefruit = 40

Apricot = 45

fishing = 47


Apart from vegetables and fruits

A skimmed natural yoghurt 0% = 44

Cream cheese 0% = 44

The shells = 50

And if cravings for meat came to you, know that a steak of beef, and not very thick, represents 200 calories and a piece of chicken breast 150 grams!


1300 calorie diet weight loss calculator

After you have known the calories of each food, you can count the calories of each meal and get the total number of calories consumed per day. This will help you to be slicked to 1300 calories per day and if there is any excess in calories, you can increase your physical activity in the next day.


1300 calorie diet plan vegetarian

The vegetarian who follow this slimming diet has the choice of same sample menus but by substituting meat or chicken by meatless alternatives as: Tofu, Mushrooms, Eggplant, Seitan, Lentils, Beans, Tempeh, Jackfruit or Cauliflower.


1300 calories diabetic diet

This plan is ideal for diabetics as it maintains a steady flow of health nutrients flowing into your system. This helps keep the blood sugar levels from jumping up or down wildly. Also, to be able to consume only 1300 calories, you can’t overload the sugars and fats that are detrimental to the diet and control of a diabetic’s disease.


1300 calorie diet for male

It is slightly different from normal diet in physical activity. Gym is not allowed as this is a very drastic diet and the calories burnt can’t be compensated by food, so fatigue will be the expected result. The only allowed physical activity is 30 minutes walking.

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