1500 calorie diet for 7 Days: How Much Can I Lose?




1500 calorie diet is best-known low-calorie diet. If you are looking to lose weight, the best option is switching to a low-calorie diet. Without requiring too much effort on your part, 1500 calorie diet will allow you to lose 1 kilo in 7 days. Many diets are available to you. They have different degrees of difficulty, different risk rates and equally different results. Among the existing diets you can choose the 1500 calorie diet.

What are the requirements, risks, benefits, and how effective it is. Everything is revealed in this article.


1500 calorie diet Principle

A diet that limits daily intake to 1500 calories a day is a low calorie diet. The principle of this diet is very simple: reduce the calories ingested in order to force the body to draw on its reserves to ensure its operation and cover its energy costs. Without too much physical effort, this type of diet can usually lose 1 kilo in 7 days.

To reduce calories to 1500 per day is to consume less in quantity, but also in quality.

Thus, you can play on the quantity or the quality of what you consume, just as it is possible to make a reduction as much on the quality as on the quantity, knowing that 1 g of proteins or 1 g of carbohydrate equals 4 kcal, while 1 g of fat corresponds to 9 kcal.

Thus, this slimming diet can eat everything, vegetables, fruits, bread, fish, meat … but in small quantities. Some people choose to significantly reduce the amount of sugar and lipid in their diet, without completely eliminating them.

Among the recommendations required of this diet are non-snacking between meals, moderation of sugar in milk, tea and coffee. Water is also the most recommended drink.


Other constraints to respect with these low-calorie meals

In general, you must include at least 300 g of meat or fish a day.

Do not eat sugar anymore.

Do not consume salt or very little.

You have to choose low-calorie but satiating foods.

Ask your doctor for approval especially if you have health problems

Do not snack between meals

Drink water only

Forget the tapas and aperitifs

In addition, This diet is not recommended for the elderly, pregnant or breastfeeding women and children or adolescents during growth. In the latter case, it is rather advisable to follow a diet for teenagers


The benefits of the diet plan

This slimming diet is a safe diet and yet very restrictive for a person with very little physical activity. Indeed, with the impression of eating normally, this diet, unlike most low calorie diets, spreads fatigue and frustration. And in most cases, except people accustomed to snacking, on this diet, you rarely experience a feeling of hunger between meals. In addition, depending on your choice of foods, this diet causes no deficiency in terms of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, this diet allows a rebalancing food. At the end of the diet, the person should be able to avoid cravings and nibbling. In addition, when the diet program is balanced and contains all the nutrients needed by the body, this diet can be continued indefinitely, without damaging the health and the entire body.


The risks of the diet plan

As in any low-calorie diet, this diet can lead to deficiencies, which in the long term could affect the health of organs and the body. Thus, to develop a diet plan for the duration of the diet, it is always recommended to get help from a professional such as a dietician, a nutritionist or a doctor.


Effectiveness of the diet plan

Weight loss with this slimming diet is quite slow. Indeed, 1 kilo lost in 7 days is very little for a person looking to lose more than 10 kilos.

That’s why very few people are happy about it and prefer other, more drastic diets like the 1200 calorie diet or 900 calorie diet, or the Mayo diet and many other tighter diets.

This diet is actually intended for a limited audience including people who have a sedentary lifestyle, people of small or medium size looking to lose less than 4 pounds in a month or people who have not lose weight or not lose enough weight with a less severe diet and finally, people who fail to stabilize their weight as a result of a less strict diet.


1500 Calorie diet indian

Combination of Indian food and 1500 CALORIE DIET is still available, as there are many Indian foods are low in calories. sabhudana khichdi can be in breakfast while chapatis and dal in lunch. You can eat Dal and Sprout salad in the dinner.


Good to know

It is good to know that the number of calories needed to cover the energy expenditure of the body differs from one individual to another. It is a function of sex, age, body size, but also of the person’s lifestyle and type of physical activity.

An active person requires more calories than a sedentary person, and of course, the calories needed by a sports person are significantly more important. In addition, a man needs more calories than a woman.

Thus, a man claims between 2100 to 3500 kcal per day while 1800 to 2800 kcal for a woman.



1500 calories per day + sport: is it compatible?

Eating low calorie meals does not allow you to have the necessary resources to practice an intense or light sporting activity. You will have an energy level that will allow you to have a normal physical activity, to walk a little, climb stairs, drive, clean, etc. But in no case you can’t practice a sport. You would then be in energy deficiency and you would not be able to continue this diet a day to lose weight.


What attitude to adopt after having only a 1500 calorie a day?

It is best to have a gradual transition to a healthy diet that should not exceed 2000 calories per day. For that we advise you to increase your dietary meals by 50 calories a day.

You will probably make discrepancies later and you will have to allow them. It will simply adjust the shot for the next 2 or 3 days by eating only vegetables, lean meat, fish, cottage cheese, fruit, a little bread and very little fat. In drink, coffee, tea without sugar and water only.


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