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simple 1600 calorie meal plan

1600 calorie diet is suitable for anyone whose energy needs are around 1800 calories. It is very rich, rich in protein to preserve the tissues and to provide enough energy but restricted in lipids. 1600 calorie diet meal plan is as any low calorie diet depends on decrease calories intake. The distribution of the daily calories will be shown in the next lines.



To lose weight, you simply need to burn more calories than you consume. To understand how you can lose weight, you need to consider how much weight you currently weigh, exercise, eating and what the weight of your ultimate goal is. For people who have difficulty losing weight consuming 1600 calories a day is beneficial plan.

Adults should not eat less than 1200 calories a day or the body can go into starvation mode. Starvation mode is when the body is deprived of calories, so it clings to fat rather than burning effectively.

This makes it more difficult to lose weight. The 1600 Calorie Plan is a low calorie diet that still provides enough food to keep your metabolism stable while burning calories.

Eating just 1600 calories a day does not seem like a lot of food when you consider how many calories are in a typical fast food meal. You can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables for only a few hundred calories. A whole cup of celery is only 17 calories so you can eat celery all day and still eat less than 1600 calories. The best way to stick to the plan is to choose a generous amount and variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat moderate dairy products and lean meats. When you eat healthy foods, your body is convinced makes it easier to stick to 1600 calories a day.


1600 calorie meal plan for a month

Have breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Aim for 400 calories at each meal with 200 calorie snacks. If you want to eat a little more at a meal, you can try a 500 calorie breakfast and a 300 calorie dinner light. It does not look like much, but after eating a lot of small, nutritious meals throughout the day, you probably will not be hungry for dinner anymore. The body confuses thirst and hunger, so be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and full.  Exercise is beneficial to any diet and also suppresses appetite.


1600 calories diet:  quantities for a day

White cheese at 0% fat: 150 to 400 g / day

Skimmed milk (optional): 100 ml / day

Ordinary plain yoghurt: 2 / day

Lean meat: 150 g / day

Complete bread: 200 g / day

Fresh vegetables: 300 to 500 g / day

Fresh fruit: 400 g / day

Fatty substance (butter: 10 g – olive oil: 15 g): 25 g / day

Drinks: water, tea, coffee, herbal teas: 1.5 to 2 liters / day

Approximately 10 g of extra olive oil can be recovered if you choose to eat only cheese containing 0% MF. This makes 35 g of fat that makes cooking easier.



We can replace:

100 g of meat (or poultry) per 150 g of fish or 2 eggs

70 g of wholemeal bread per 180 g of potatoes or cooked pasta or rice.

1 teaspoon of oil (5 g) or 5 g of butter per 2.5 tablespoons light cream or 1 tablespoon of UHT liquid cream or 15 g of cream (1/2 tablespoon).


1600 calorie meal prep

Breakfast :

Tea or coffee with possibly skimmed milk

100 g of fruit

Cottage cheese, according to the appetite

60 g of wholemeal bread



Snack of 1600 calories diet

1 yogurt or cottage cheese

Lunch :

100 g of meat (or 150 g of fish or 2 eggs)

Vegetables according to your appetite (but not less than 150 g)

70 g bread (or 180 g potatoes or pasta or cooked rice)

1 yogurt or cottage cheese

150 g of fruit


1 yogurt or cottage cheese

dinner :

50 g of meat

Vegetables according to your appetite (but not less than 150 g)

70 g bread (or 180 g potatoes or pasta or cooked rice)

1 yogurt or cottage cheese

150 g of fruit


1600 calorie diet high protein

Your Choice of lean meats should be as follows:

Roast beef, pork or veal (without bard), veal cutlets and turkey, grilled pork, leg of lamb and shoulder lean, defatted steak and grilled beef, chicken, rabbit and duck.


1600 calorie diet vegetarian meal plan 

For vegetarian, Meat can be substituted with alternative source of protein like:

  • Soy
  • Hummus and Pita.
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Mycoprotein (Quorn)
  • Rice and Beans
  • Seitan


1600 calorie diet plan indian

You can eat Indian food while you’re in 1600 calorie diet. Poha can be in you breakfast, while one cup Raita
in your lunch. For dinner, you can eat one bowl Dal.

1600 calorie diet vegetarian meal plan

1600 calorie meal plan 40/30/30

It refers to 1600 calorie diet for male but distributed as following:

40 carbohydrates

30 protein

30 fat

This distribution will be repeated for each meal.

In case women, the 1600 calories will only be 1300 calories.


Practical advice

Always eliminate the fat that is visible on your plate.

Use as often as possible steaming, baking, or broiling.

Divide the fat according to your menus.

Prepare thick vegetable soups.

Season pasta or rice with a homemade tomato coulis: mix peeled and seeded tomatoes with chopped onions and garlic; heat well to evaporate the water so that it thickens.

Use generously herbs, herbs, spices, lemon juice and condiments (mustard, gherkins, ketchup, etc.)

As you can see, thinness does not necessarily rhyme with sad and bland menus

Adjust the amounts so that the total calories stick with what you calculated previously (200 to 400 kcal less than the calorie needs to stay at the same weight).


1600 calorie diet plan for diabetics

This plan is ideal for diabetics as it maintains a steady flow of health nutrients flowing into your system. This helps keep the blood sugar levels from jumping up or down wildly. Also, to be able to consume only 1600 calories, you can’t overload the sugars and fats that are detrimental to the diet and control of a diabetic’s disease.


How long of this diet plan?

the answer is: it depends. There are a multitude of factors that come into play.

Your level of activity, your metabolism, your lifestyle, the quality of what you eat (1600 calories of chocolate and 1600 calories of vegetables do not have the same nutritional value)

The advice is: concentrate on your diet, not on the quantitative value of what you lose on the scale. force yourself to correct your mistakes and tell yourself that it will take time. there may be weeks when you lose 1 kilo, others only 200 grams, sometimes you will stabilize and sometimes you will even take a few grams. prepare yourself psychologically to accept these diverse and varied situations. accept the fact that during your periods you will have a very good chance of getting a little on the scale (but in fact it will only be water retention, so eliminated within a few days after the end of your cycle), the fact that if you start to exercise your weight on the scale will also stagnate at the beginning, but it will still be beneficial because you will make muscle (which weighs heavier than fat), you will increase your basic metabolism, and the more you do, the more your body will be able to burn fat easily.

That’s how you’ll manage to last.

if you start focusing solely on the scale you will soon be tempted to give up.

no one has gained weight in one night, so conversely must also accept that we do not get rid of it very quickly. the main thing is not to lose weight, it’s to find the mistakes that made us fat and correct them forever.


Success story

I am huge, I am 122 kg and I measure 1.62m

My goal is already to go below 100. Then I aim below 80 and my ideal would be 65 kg because I know that I could not go lower because my frame important.

For now I am doing a diet at 1600 calories knowing that my metabolism is close to 2100 so no problem.

I eat everything except: fat meat (beef 20% and pork, charcuterie) and of course no sweets (I do very well elsewhere) no cakes, chocolates (this is not a deprivation because I do not eat that much, I got fat especially with the fat stuff and eat a lot)

I put half of starchy foods in the garbage bin by replacing them with vegetables. I continue to eat pizza and go to the restaurant.

I lost 2kg already and I continue (it’s been 3 weeks since I started)

a “diet” at 1600 calories is valid when you have weight to lose! You have to be at least LEAST overweight (for example from 80 kg and +) otherwise it does not work,

in fact we must understand that 1800 is the normal RDA of a standard woman to keep her weight, so if you are overweight and obese and eat as a “normal” woman you will lose weight, it makes sense

After having to take 1800 calories of chocolate, you have to make balanced meals that bring fewer calories

My only problem is that I’m hungry after eating … but I want, it goes little by little, y’as 2 weeks it was unlivable, now I manage better.


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