What is it 200 Cal Meals

200 Cal Meals

What is it 200 Cal Meals, Watching excess weight may mean counting calories, but with a little help from the

Internet, you can find some excellent meals that have calories less than 200 calories.


Even the main dishes that may exceed 200 calories you can dispense with and replace them with other healthy

meals and less in calories, in the article we offer you seven classes of healthy meals that have a distinct flavor and

are considered important main dishes in foreign countries.


200 Cal Meals

200 Cal Meals
200 Cal Meals

1. Thai hot lettuce:

It is one of the main dishes in Southeast Asia, especially at dinner. This healthy meal consists of carrots mixed with

cucumber, adding sausage, mint, and garlic in the appropriate amount as desired, and adjusting the level of spices

and reducing spicy taste by adding pasta or rice) to reduce the taste Chili pepper.


2. Slow-cooking tacos:

An ideal meal that can be eaten more than once during the week. This recipe uses the slow cooking method to

make things easier, in a small bowl, toss chicken and a mixture of delicious spices, full of cumin, chili pepper and hot

paprika powder (and a few other spices depending on Desire) and cook the food over low heat before distributing it

in bread while adding your favorite kind of sauce.


3. Grated ginger and apple soup:

Get a warm meal with this simple and comfortable soup as it contains 178 calories only for each meal, grated ginger

and apples are served with some of the unique flavors, as well as adding curry powder and cumin, you will need to

keep those ingredients for this soup in Handy so you can eat that meal for dinner or lunch whenever you want.


4. Chicken and Tofu Meal:

Skip the fast food that contains more fat and salt, and eat a similar meal but it only contains 200 calories, you will

get a similar meal for ready meals without all the extra calories, chicken and tofu contains a lot of vegetables and

chicken, and on Although it looks like a simple meal, it provides a feeling of fullness and a lack of hunger, with the

addition of tofu noodles adding more protein, it will give you a feeling of fullness throughout the night.


5. Greek couscous:

Anyone should eat more vegetarian meals (or just try to eat less meat in case of weight loss) Check out this

excellent meal, which is a thin couscous with chickpeas, tomatoes, juice, and a peeled option to make the meal light

and beautiful It gives a feeling of fullness at dinner, as it contains only 147 calories per meal, and adding some few

calories with feta cheese and olive oil while you still do not exceed 200 calories even with the addition of cheese

and oil.


6. Chicken and rice soup:

Another favorite meal, this soup is a kind of warm meal, it contains brown rice and potatoes that give you the

feeling of fullness and with them fresh chicken, and yet you also keep calories low, as you will feel full after eating

one bowl, The meal contains 17 grams of protein and only 180 calories, which makes it one of the favorite low-

calorie meals.


7. Asian roast chicken and cabbage:

Fast and delicious taste makes this dish delicious, while cooking chicken in a barbecue way makes it quick and light

and has a special taste and flavor, while adding cabbage and bread to the dinner table at any time, feel free to add it

to other favorite vegetables (such as Cucumber or slices of pepper) for more unique flavors.

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