3 day miracle diet: Lose 5 pounds in just three days!

3 day miracle diet plan

3 day miracle diet is one of a variety of diets to lose several pounds in 3 days which principle is a weight loss in a very short time. These diets are very popular and spread by word of mouth. Contrary to what one can think, the loss of weight between 2.5 kg and 4kg in 3 days is possible and perfectly real.


3 day miracle diet origin

Different sources may be at the origin of short-term diets, in this case that of 5kg in three days, some people believe that they go back to the 80s, when these types of diets were communicated between soldiers.

The three-day diets go on to many different names: “princess diet”, “army diet”, “dive diet”, “diet before colonoscopy”, “clinical diet”, ” The Hollywood regime “etc. Often, they are just called three-day diets.

There are many versions of this plan created by not-for-profit medical institutions that have never been known to claim paternity, responsibility or recommend. The most common form of the three-day diet is to eat a large amount of tuna and various vegetables throughout the day, with ice every night.


Description of the diet

All three-day diets available on the web, in beauty reviews or prescribed by medical prescription promise you to lose weight significantly in just three days. We retain various variations of this scheme, we shared (at the end of the article) the menu of the most popular and has been broadcast more than a million times on the internet. This is a typical three-day menu indicating the different daily meals that must be followed to the letter.

3 day miracle diet menu

Why the express diet “3 day miracle diet “:

If you need to lose weight quickly, the 3 days allows you to lose between 2.5 to 5 kg, of course without losing muscle mass and without feeling hungry.

The main objective of this diet is to stimulate a significant reaction of the digestive system with the ultimate goal of speeding up the metabolism. This diet is a very low calorie diet, it offers you only 700 calories allowed per day.


How does this diet work?

The “3 Day Diet” as it is called in the United States, generally allows a weight loss of up to 5 kilos in three days. If the diet is followed scrupulously without the slightest deviation, often the diet can accelerate the metabolism generating destocking fat, but this reaction has never been scientifically proven.


Mechanism of this diet?

Most people find it difficult to lose weight quickly because it requires a radical change in their lifestyle. To lose weight easily, it is necessary to drink a lot of water, at least 8 glasses a day (or 2 liters) and to exercise, for example walking (we advise you to run slowly) at a regular pace for more than 30 minutes a day accompanied by the reduced calories and consumption of fresh foods offered by this diet, you can lose 5 pounds in just 3 days.


The principles of the diet allowing to lose 5 kilos in 3 days:

  • Prepare well for these three days to achieve weight loss;
  • Consult your doctor if you have any health problem;
  • Prevent cravings and fatigue;
  • Stick to the rules laid down at the start;
  • Avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies;
  • Choose the right way to cook food;
  • Remove alcohol and soft drinks;
  • Avoid eating out of your home;
  • Move more and make a lifestyle;
  • Find a partner to accompany you in your plan;
  • Pay attention to nutrition labels;
  • Avoid calories in liquid form;
  • Weigh yourself at the beginning and end of the diet;
  • Make a schedule to keep your new weight.


The disadvantages of this diet

Weight loss is often beneficial if it is achieved with a moderate and healthy rhythm and especially if it is accompanied by physical exercises. The three-day diet, however, is not considered a moderate-pace diet and the only type of exercise allowed is cardio training.

Although diets say you can lose 5 pounds in three days, weight loss is likely to come mainly from the weight of the water lost. There may be some psychological benefit of rapid weight loss, but this is likely to be reversed if weight is regained quickly once the diet is completed.


Precautions against this diet

Anyone considering starting a new diet should consult a doctor or other nutrition professional. Daily calorie, fat and nutrient requirements may differ significantly from one person to another depending on age, weight, sex and other factors. Talking to a doctor can help you determine which safe diet to choose.

Questions to ask your doctor

Is this diet safe for me?

Is this diet the best diet to achieve my goals?

Should I take a dietary supplement during this diet?

Can I extend the duration of this plan?

Are there any signs or symptoms that could indicate a problem with this diet?


After the 3 days of the diet:

After following this 3-day diet, you can return to your eating habits, while still monitoring your diet. You can also repeat this diet once a week to lose up to 20 pounds in a month.

The three-day express diet is a quick way to lose weight if you follow the advice.


Notice and acceptance scheme “3 day miracle diet “

Three-day diets are not generally accepted as healthy and effective methods for long-term weight loss. Although no scientific studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of three-day diets, experts suggest that anything that promises a 4.5 kg loss in three days is unlikely to destock the fat. Instead, it’s the weight of the water, with possibly a little loss of fat and a loss of muscle mass thanks to the reduced caloric intake. The three-day diet allows you to have up to 5 pounds less in three days with the possibility of regaining it after resuming a normal diet. However, this is still beneficial for many people who want to prepare for a wedding, competition or other event for which the temporary 5 kilo loss will be just perfect.


3 day diet menu

 The following diet must be applied for only 3 days, it is also advisable to start it at the end of the week to avoid any adverse effects. (fatigue, frustration, hypoglycemia, etc.)

First day

Breakfast :

Black tea or coffee

1/2 grapefruit

1 piece of toast with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.

Lunch :

1/2 cup of tuna

1 piece of toast

coffee or black tea.

Dinner :

3 slices of lean meat

1 cup green beans

1 cup carrots

1 apple

1 cup vanilla ice cream.

Second day

Breakfast :

1 egg

1 slice of dry bread

1/2 banana

a coffee or black tea

Lunch :

1 cup cottage cheese and six cookies

Dinner :

Two hot dogs

1 cup broccoli

1/2 cup carrots

1/2 banana

ice cream half cup of vanilla.

Third day

Breakfast :

1 apple

cheddar cheese 1 slice

five cookies

black tea or coffee.

Lunch :

A boiled egg, a slice of toast

Snack: fruit salad with lemon juice, 30 cl of organic milk or soy milk

Dinner :

3 day miracle diet dinner

1 cup of tuna

1 cup carrots

1 cup of cauliflower

1 cup melon, and 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream.


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