500 calorie diet how much weight will i lose?

500 calorie diet weight loss per week


500 calorie diet is an extreme form of very low calorie diet. It requires you to drastically reduce the amount of food you eat, usually at a maximum of 500 calories a day.

500 calorie diet use meal replacements such as drinks, shakes and prepared food bars instead of meals. It is intended for people who are severely overweight and who have been unable to lose weight after trying many other methods to lose weight without success.

This diet can be dangerous and requires medical supervision.

In this article you will find out more about the risks and goals of the 500 calorie diet a day.


Do not do 500 calorie diet alone

Doctor will prescribe this type of drastic diet if he or she has decided that it is essential to lose weight immediately because of health problems.

They do this by weighing your general health problems against the risks and potential complications associated with this drastic calorie reduction.

If your doctor has not recommended a 500 calorie diet a day, you should not try it. A diet plan like this involves risks and precautions associated with it. A doctor must monitor you throughout this diet.


500 calorie diet Plan (5 : 2)

Some people use this diet as part of the recently popularized: intermittent fasting.

According to this plan, you eat a balanced Mediterranean-style diet of about 2000 calories a day for five days of the week, and then limit yourself to 500 calories a day for the other two days. The two fasting days are usually non-consecutive.

There is very little evidence that this type of diet will lose weight easily compared to the daily calorie reduction method.


How much is 500 calories?


To give you an idea, two handfuls of peanuts or a slice of pepperoni pizza contain about 250 calories.

An apple contains less than 80 calories, while two pieces of fried chicken contain about 400 calories.

You might also consider how many calories you will burn in a day.

According to Harvard Medical School, a 185-pound person burns about 72 calories just by not sitting for an hour doing nothing.


You still need nutrition

One of the problems with a diet consisting of only 500 calories is that it sets no limit of fats and carbohydrates that you must consume.

A serving of chocolate cake and a glass of milk equals about 500 calories.

However, this meal does not even come close to giving you the nutrients you need.

Regardless of the number of calories, a well-balanced diet includes fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Being healthy means a lot more than eating a number of calories.


Risk of deficiencies

The biggest dangers associated with a 500 calorie diet are vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to many health problems.

In fact, most people cannot meet their vitamin and mineral needs if they eat less than 1,200 calories a day.

For example, according to the Mayo Clinic, if your diet lacks zinc, which is found in abundance in pumpkin seeds and beef, you may suffer from hair loss.

Low iron intake can lead to anemia, while very low calcium and vitamin D intake can lead to osteoporosis later in life.

If you do not get enough vitamin niacin, found in tuna and dates, you may be at risk for heart attack due to clogged arteries.

You should always consider the complete nutritional composition of the foods you eat, not just their calories.


Muscle loss

A 500 calorie diet can also put you at risk for losing muscle mass.

If the body cannot get all the energy it needs from food and fat stores, it will start to burn muscle mass.

At first, muscle loss may seem like you lose more weight, but keep in mind that all that weight loss is not a good thing.

To keep your body healthy, you must have good muscle mass.

A healthy diet burns fat, not muscle.


Metabolic changes

Another health risk to keep in mind when considering a 500 calorie diet is that your metabolism will change when you reduce the amount of calories you eat for a long enough period of time.

Severe caloric restriction for prolonged periods of time will lead to a slower metabolism.

This can lead you to burn fewer calories.

Also, when you start losing weight, you need fewer calories to maintain your new weight. There is a risk of regaining lost weight very quickly and even more.



To remember

You do not have to follow an extreme diet of 500 calories without the close supervision of a doctor.

 Don't follow an extreme diet of 500 calories without the close supervision of a doctor.

Although you are going to lose weight, you are at risk of malnutrition, which can cause many health problems.

Healthy weight loss requires getting a variety of nutrients from a variety of dietary sources, limiting your calorie intake, and being physically active to lose weight faster.


500 calorie diet meal plan low carb menus


Option 1: 1 small banana.

Option 2: 3 cookies and salt water.

Option 3: 1 apple.

Option 4: 200 ml of watermelon juice.

Morning snack:

Option 1: 1 plum.

Option 2: 200 ml skimmed milk.

Option 3: 200 ml of melon juice.


Option 1: (tablespoon) brown rice + 1 slice of turkey roast + (soup) steamed broccoli + green salad.

Option 2: (tablespoon) brown rice + 1 fillet of grilled fish + 1 green salad dessert.

Option 3: (tablespoon) brown rice + 1 slice of grilled pineapple + green salad with tuna.

Afternoon snack:

Option 1: 1 orange pear.

Option 2: 1 guava.

Option 3: 1 fishing.

Option 4: 1 iced green tea.


Option 1: 4 lettuce leaves filled with zucchini with light tuna.

Option 2: (tablespoons) brown rice + 1 omelette shallot without oil + green salad.

Option 3: 1 bowl of green salad + 1 col. (Tablespoon) brown rice + 1 fillet of fish with a mustard sauce.

Option 4: 1 grilled fillet of beef with passion fruit sauce + 1 col. (Chickpea soup.



  • This type of 500 calorie menu can make you lose between 5 to 10 kilos in 1 week depending on your situation.
  • It is important not to prolong this type of diet (risk of deficiencies, fatigue, etc.). By the way, I do not recommend doing diets at 500 Kcal at all.
  • In order to lose as much weight quickly, it is almost essential to take an effective appetite suppressant and to overcome the lack of essential fatty acids by taking omega-3 capsules.


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