600 calories a day diet: is it safe?

600 calories a day diet

600 calories a day diet is what the famous actress Angelina Jolie lives on. And that her busy schedule makes many days forget to eat, or do not have time to do it.

The actress weighs 44 kilos, well below the appropriate according to her height, 172 centimeters. It is not surprising with a quantity of calories equivalent to two bowls of cereal with milk or a light breakfast. According to close sources, Brad Pitt’s wife starts the day with a spoonful of coconut oil and a little cereal, then skips lunch or dinner to take care of their children and their professional commitments. “Your dinner can be something like a steak and a glass of wine,” explains the anonymous source.

What is this 600 calories diet? And what is its menu? Is 600 calories a day safe? Just read this article to the end to know everything.


What is 600 calorie diets?

The diet of 600 calorie daily is a restrictive diet that could be useful for the body to rest and detoxify, as well as being an express way of losing a few extra kilos or losing accumulated fluid. Therefore, if you are interested in this diet you will find 600-calorie menu options per day.


600-calorie diet: opinion

Diets could be classified into balanced hypocaloric diets or restrictive hypocaloric diets. Before going with the menu, it is important to say that this diet is extremely strict and can be harmful to health, since it is not possible to consume fewer calories than the body needs to meet their basic needs, therefore a diet of 600 calories is not advisable without doctor supervision.

600 calories a day

Menu for 600-calorie diets

Now made the clarification. Let’s go with the menu options!

Breakfast and Snack Options

1 skim yogurt with a small grapefruit.

4 thin slices of cheese.

2 thin slices of cheese with 2 thin slices of turkey.

50 gr. of low fat mozzarella.

1 skim yogurt with an orange, tangerine or pear.

1 skim yogurt with two small plums.

1 cup of fruit salad with a tablespoon of zero fat white cheese, sweetened with sweetener.

All these options accompanied with a cup of coffee or tea cut with skim milk.

Lunch / Lunch and Dinner Options

Homemade vegetable broth

Accompany the meat or soy milanesa with 1 dessert-sized plate of raw or cooked vegetables (season with a drizzle of olive oil, vinegar or lemon and some salt.)

100 gr. skinless chicken

1 fillet of grilled fish.

Half can of tuna.

1 omelet of low fat cheese (1 egg plus 30 g of cheese).

1 homemade meat burger.

100 gr of homemade hamburger

1 baked soybean milanesa.

Cholesterol alternatives

1 serving of light gelatine

A cup of tea or coffee.



It is very important that you drink two liters of water per day.

Do light or moderate physical exercises to avoid feeling too tired or fatigued.

Keep in mind that this diet should not be done for more than 2 to 3 days.

Taking into account these menu options you can choose the alternative that most suits you and the one you like, but keep in mind that you can stay hungry and in that case, you should have an emergency kit at hand. While it will increase a little the calories consumed, you will reduce your anxiety to eat.

Do not forget that this restrictive diet can cause fatigue, bad mood and reduce your blood pressure too much, especially if you usually have your blood pressure low. Remember that this diet can be dangerous, so do not forget to check with your doctor.


How do I know I really consume 600 calories, not more?

The problem is that it is not easy to know how many calories you consume; People who want to lose weight often underestimate the calories they actually consume. And in the case of those who want to gain weight, it is usually the other way around.

That’s why it’s very important that you use some online tool, like FitDay (or FatSecret), to record everything you eat. However, unless you have some iron will, you will not enter this information for a long time (too boring), but I do recommend that you do it for a few weeks, to get an idea of ​​the number of calories you are really taking.

You will see in FitDay a typical daily record of what you consume.  Another interesting aspect is that it details the percentage  of each of the macronutrients that you are consuming (fat, carbohydrates and protein), which is also relevant to shape the composition of your body, that is, the calories impact mainly the weight, the Macronutrients also affect the type of weight (it is very different to lose fat than muscle for example).

Another benefit of FitDay is that it allows you to know the percentage you consume of different micronutrients with respect to the typical daily recommendations.


Other low calorie diets

The 600 calorie diet is very effective but also very restrictive, if you want to go step by step, without haste but without pause, I suggest you choose one of the following calorie diets that are not so strict.

1000 calorie diet: In comparison the 1000 calorie diet is quite complete and while it is restrictive, you may be able to keep it without problems for a limited time. It is suitable for weight loss for special occasions.

1,200 calorie diet: This diet is relatively easy to make, despite being quite low in calories. For that reason, it can be very effective and rewarding. You will lose weight in a short time and most importantly, if too much suffering.

1,500 calorie diet: A balanced diet, ideal to keep it long. Although it does not promise spectacular results, the kilos that you lose will not recover them. Try it and you’ll see!



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