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800 calorie diet is also known as the “fat-burning diet”. It is based on caloric restriction and a reduction in energy intake, such as fast sugars and fats. With the 800 calorie diet, you can lose weight quickly and not being afraid to get on the scale every morning but not without stress.

If this diet is interesting and relevant to eliminate its extra pounds, it is indeed difficult. To achieve its goals and thus achieve its ultimate goal, it is very important to vary its menus and bring a touch of color to its dishes so that they make you want. If you decide to follow this very low calorie diet, it is also essential to seek the advice of a specialist so that it directs you to the maximum, that he advises you and that he follows you throughout your diet. Good monitoring will also prevent you from possible health problems such as nutritional deficiencies.

In this article you will find all the essential information about this slimming diet (principle, advantages, disadvantages) and some menu ideas to prepare.


800 calorie diet: the definition

A low calorie diet is a diet that involves decreasing the number of calories provided to the body in a day. This caloric restriction should be monitored regularly by a health professional to avoid significant health problems. As part of this diet, the goal is to eat 800 calories a day while adopting a healthy, balanced and varied diet. For this diet to work, it must not be restrictive or frustrating.


800 calories diet principle

The principle of this diet is pretty simple in itself. Indeed, it suffices to reduce energy intake (fast sugars, fats) and to adopt a healthy and varied diet. Nibbling is also to be banned as part of this low-calorie diet as well as the consumption of alcoholic and sugary drinks.

This diet therefore requires determination and careful monitoring.


The advantages

Weight loss is fast enough.

The diet is healthy, balanced and varied. With this 800 calorie diet, the goal is to favor the three major food groups (lipids, carbohydrates and proteins) to the detriment of industrial dishes.

Authorized foods are numerous.

Fats and fast sugars are absent from this diet.

All the quantities of food are controlled and the number of calories too.


The disadvantages

If this low-calorie diet seems interesting for losing weight quickly, it has disadvantages not to neglect. Among the negative points of this diet, you can find:

A rapid weight rebound if at the end of this diet, the quantities and the energy contributions increase sharply.

This diet is difficult to follow. It requires perseverance and determination.

In the absence of follow-up by a specialist, nutritional deficiencies may appear.

You may feel a significant feeling of hunger if this diet does not take into account your lifestyle (for example, playing sports). Do not hesitate to consult our 3 Menu at the end.

Dietary changes due to this diet can cause significant fatigue.


What foods are allowed under this diet plan?

foods allowed under 800 CALORIE DIET

As noted several times in this article, this diet is based on a healthy diet, but mostly varied. The number of foods allowed is important which allows to taste many flavors as part of this diet.

For drinks, you can drink water (between 1.5 and 2 liters / day) and ban sweet and alcoholic drinks. You can also eat grilled meat seasoned with spices or herbs. Fish is also preferred. It is also recommended to eat 2 to 3 times a week. It is also important to eat eggs. However, if white is not recommended, yellow is limited because it is very high in cholesterol. Fruits and vegetables are of course foods to promote. You can eat cabbage, eggplant, zucchini, lettuce, broccoli … For yogurts and cheeses, you can also eat. On the other hand, it is important to eat cheeses not exceeding 50% fat and yogurts at 0%.


How to count your 800 calories?

800 calories a day is not enough. To follow this diet, I really advise you to use applications that count calories.


800 Calorie diet meal plan low carb menu ideas

Menu 1

Morning: a cup of low-calorie cereals with 3/4 skim milk, 2 slices of wholemeal bread and a boiled egg.

Lunch: Grilled chicken fillet (about 145-150 grams) with lemon fillet on top, steamed broccoli seasoned with spices, yoghurt with 0% fat and grapefruit.

Dinner: a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, a fillet of grilled fish (dab), 100 grams of baked potatoes and a yoghurt at 0%.

Menu 2

Morning: a coffee or an infusion accompanied by two light rusks.

Lunch: 1 soya steak with homemade mashed potatoes. You can season it with cumin and make it creamy with 1/2 yogurt at 0%. Finally, a homemade apple sauce (75 g) and 75 g of 0% white cheese are ideal.

Dinner: 1 bowl of vegetable soup, 1 boiled egg, 50 g of applesauce and 1 yoghurt with 0% fat. To accompany your meal, you can take 34 g of bread.

Menu 3

Morning: a cup of coffee, tea or infusion without sugar and without sweetener and 1 yoghurt at 0%.

Lunch: a salad of vegetables seasoned with lemon, herbs, onions and shallots, 125 g of lean, fat-free and grilled meat, vegetables steamed, 1 yoghurt with 0% fat without sugar and 150 pineapple.

Dinner: a bowl of vegetable soup, grilled fish fillet seasoned with lemon and herbs, boiled vegetables and grapefruit.


Important tip

Do not stay in the kitchen, and do not think about food all day, think of something else to distract you. I do not know if you know the marshmallow test … Basically, a scientist did a test with a lot of children, each time taken apart, he said to them: “I put this marshmallow in front of you, if you do not eat right now, I’ll get you two more, and you’ll get three marshmallow instead of one, but if I come back and you’ve already eaten the marshmallow, then you’re not allowed to no other “.

The children had all understood the message, however, hardly the scientist left, many ate the marshmallow directly.

What is interesting to watch, however, is how other children have managed not to eat it. And most used the same strategy, namely: not thinking about the marshmallow, they distracted themselves, singing, counting, and so on.

Do you see the parallel? Take care of your days and it will be better.


Conclusive results

This diet has appealed to many people who want to lose weight. Some followed it closely and achieved conclusive results.

In contrast, this low-calorie diet requires the advice of a doctor and regular follow-up by a professional. It also requires a strong determination because eating 800 calories a day is not always easy. Anyway, with such a diet, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet and varied.


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