800 calories a day diet plan

800 calories a day diet plan

There is no doubt that there is a more successful diet than the calorie diet, for it is the best diet for every

woman who wants to eliminate obesity and preserve the freshness of her health.


Studies have shown that a person needs from 1700 calories to 2000 calories a day, knowing that he

needs to walk three days a week for at least 20 minutes, in order to help burn unwanted calories.


Therefore, all slimming and healthy diet experts advise every woman who wants to lose weight,

she must reduce the number of daily calories and maintain daily sports or at least do a light sport

like walking for 20 minutes a day.


Because eating is very limited and calories are limited to about 800 per day, low-calorie meals should be followed

in certain cases only and must be supervised by a doctor.

How does a diet of 800 calories work?


Specific eating time

Diet 800 calories is based on fasting for 12 hours every day, meaning that it is necessary to stop eating at seven in

the evening, while it is necessary to eat breakfast the next day at seven in the morning.


Main meal replacement

It is important to replace one of the three main meals with some healthy smoothies containing healthy fats, vitamins, and nutrients.


Diet system of 800 calories

Boiled egg + orange juice + vegetables.
Shake juice (orange + almond).
A cup of skim milk + two pieces of toasted toast.

A grain of fruits.

100 g of lean chicken breast + vegetable salad with oil and sour sauce.
100 g of grilled fish fillet with a bowl of vegetable salad, sour oil sauce.
Scrambled juice (two bananas + pear + skim milk).

A grain of fruits.

Vegetable soup as desired.
One kind of starch like pasta with red sauce.
Shake juice (spinach and strawberry).


Diet 800 calories how slim

The 800-calorie diet to lose weight without getting tired and effortless, this method thanks many doctors who

specialize in losing weight around 2 to 3 kilograms a week.


that average 12-week weight loss is around 20 kilograms. This amount of weight loss can greatly improve medical

conditions associated with obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Within three to six months, the patient may be able to lose about 15 to 25% of his initial weight if he starts with

a low-calorie diet and moves to a healthy lifestyle.


What should be eaten in the diet of 800 calories?

In most cases, one of the main meals in the 800-calorie diet should be replaced with a whipped juice for a period of

time ranging from several weeks to several months. However, some low-calorie diet plans include lean proteins,

such as fish and chicken.


Adhere to the correct eating time

that diet of 800 calories is also based on fasting for 12 hours, stopping eating at seven in the evening and eating

again at seven in the morning.

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