900 calories diet to lose weight, Is it healthy for weight loss?

900 calorie diet safe


900 calorie diet is a healthy help to lose weight quickly. There are a very large number of low calorie diets with different degrees. Among these diets, the 900 calorie diet is a strict but effective diet to lose up to 3 pounds per week.

Many diets, such as the Cohen Diet or the Turbo Diet called T Diet, limit their daily caloric intake to 900 calories. Each of the 3 meals must imperatively consist of animal proteins equivalent to 300 calories. During your diet, it is important to hydrate abundantly, which will allow you to have enough energy to burn your fat. If you are hungry, eat a fruit or raw vegetables.

You will discover in this article, the principle of this diet, the benefits and risks associated with its implementation and its effectiveness.


900 calorie diet plan principle

As in any low calorie diet, the principle of the 900 calorie diet is simple: create a caloric deficit by ingesting fewer calories than it takes to ensure the energy expenditure of the body. In this way, when the body has exhausted the calories ingested, it will draw on its reserves to ensure its operation. This diet is called a strict diet. Indeed, if the body’s needs rise on average between 2100 to 3500 calories for a man against 1800 to 2800 calories for a woman, reduce the calories absorbed to 900 calories is less than half, is huge and leads to many restrictions, both in terms of quality and quantity.

The rules are simple:

  • No nibbling between meals
  • Besides the water, the only drinks allowed are tea and coffee, without sugar
  • Lean meats, no fat and white fish are preferred
  • Exercise regularly with 3 weekly sessions of 30 to 45 minutes.


900 calorie diet plan for weight loss benefits

These are as follows:

         1-It allows you to lose weight quickly

It is clear that following a diet as restrictive as this diet, weight is inevitably lost.

       2-By following this diet you will learn how to avoid snacking during your day

In this diet, no nibbling is allowed. Food is determined in advance and the number of meals is set at 3 per day with a possibility of snack consisting of only coffee or tea without sugar in the morning and during the afternoon. This diet has the merit of drawing a line on snacking.

       3- It learns to eat less, while eating better

With this diet, the amount of food allowed is extremely reduced. As for the quality, it is thought to bring as few calories as possible while trying to provide the necessary nutrients to the body. Thus, the choice of foods to be taken must include a minimum percentage of fiber, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Such a diet offers the advantage of helping to eat reasonably.


The risks of this diet plan

A diet as drastic as this diet is far from innocuous and has a number of risks that it is important to know before venturing into it. In addition, it is strongly recommended to call a professional such as a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician to set a personalized food program to avoid unnecessary risks and endanger your health.

You should know that in this diet, the choice of food is very restrictive. The diet is monotonous and it takes an iron will and an unshakeable motivation to end the diet without cracking, without feeling fatigue, hunger and stress. In addition to this draconian diet, it is not impossible that the body is deficient and later suffer the consequences of such a deficiency.


900 calorie diet menu for 1 day


One apple or orange and coffee without milk

900 calorie diet menu




Grilled chicken – Spanish salad




Shrimp with any cooked vegetables like broccoli, and potato that should be baked.


900 calorie south indian diet plan

You can have the advantage of Indian food while you follow 900 calorie diet. You still can use poha or upma in breakfast – as they are low calorie food. Two chapatis + Dal + Subzi in lunch and Dal + Big bowl of Sprout salad for dinner.


The effectiveness of 900 calorie diet meal plan low carb

Overall, this diet loses up to 3 pounds per week. Some people, more determined, even manage to lose more than 4 pounds in one week. But be aware that the long-term effectiveness of this diet depends on the following factors:

    1- Quality of calories ingested defines the quality:

It is wrong and totally wrong to believe that a reduction to 900 calories a day allows you to lose weight, despite what you consume. Indeed, it is useless, if not to make you sick, to absorb industrial products stuffed with sugars, bad fats and additives, such as starchy foods, cold cuts, ready meals …, when even they would be equivalent to 900 calories. The important thing is the number of calories in the blood. Thus, the actual long-term success of the diet will depend on the quality of what is ingested and the proportion of nutrients it contains. For example, a high-fiber diet is known to significantly reduce the absorption of carbohydrates, fats, and other high-calorie foods.

  2- Physical activity can increase the pounds that will be lost.

the physical effort associated with 900 calorie diet

The diet alone, without physical effort can lose weight. However, the number of weights lost will be greater than the amount of exercise and physical activity associated with the diet. If you do not have the motivation and desire to exercise, help yourself with any dietary supplement that will help you burn fat fast.

   3- Following a stabilization period after this diet is mandatory to keep the pounds you lost.

In general, every kilo of weight lost corresponds to one week of stabilization.


The diet menus are balanced and easy to prepare. It is also advisable to practice sports during your diet.



It is a low calorie diet. To stay true to the 900 calories recommended, you need to roughly calculate your energy intake throughout the diet.

Warning: This diet is very aggressive and should not be done more than 2 weeks.


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