Alkaline diet for weight loss

Alkaline diet plan


Alkaline diet is based on the principles of acid-base balance. It is not a new fashionable diet, but a diet based on understanding the human body as a whole. Alkaline diet knowledge is provided by the many recent scientific studies and also by the many feedbacks from trainers and patients who have gone beyond symptoms and pathologies.

This diet and more particularly its recipes will allow you:

  • Eating better with a soft food transition
  • Stabilize your weight (downward or upward depending on your real needs)
  • To act directly at the source of your pathologies
  • To effectively support symptomatic treatments with medication
  • To prevent a large majority of chronic diseases (diabetes, rheumatism, etc.)

Understand the acid-base balance of the body

The human body has a normal pH of about 7.4. It is therefore slightly alkaline. It is at this stable value that it works best. And that’s why, it does everything to balance at this pH there. However, some foods are potentially acidifying because, after digestion, they produce acidic compounds that pass through the blood. When this happens, the body tries to restore balance by using its mineral reserves, especially in the bones, and eliminates excess acidity through the urine. Generally, this system works well.

Except that, by consuming too much of these foods, which is common in modern diets, the body is constantly subjected to this increase in acidity. It has to compensate a lot, which can be problematic and lead to bone demineralization, for example. In addition, it can be overwhelmed and the body then enters a state of acidosis, very harmful in the long term. Indeed, it is a fertile ground for the installation of certain diseases and it can disrupt the normal functioning of the body. According to advocates of the alkaline acid diet, an overly acidic body stores more fat and has more trouble getting rid of fat reserves.


Alkaline diet principle

As the followers of this diet consider that the acidity of the body is responsible for a large part of the health problems as well as the weight gain, they try to fight this acidity by the consumption of alkalinizing foods while reducing the consumption acidifying foods.

Acidifying foods

These foods are usually those that contain high levels of protein, high GI sugars, additives, and acidifying minerals such as chlorine. Of course, this category includes meats, eggs, fish, dairy products, grains, confectionery and all industrial products. Drinks containing alcohol and / or caffeine are also concerned.


Alkaline diet recipes

Alkalizing foods

Foods that promote optimal performance of the body through a balanced body chemistry. All of these foods should be consumed in their raw and living form. For example, most fruits and vegetables (which are mostly stored because they bring many alkalizing minerals. This is one of the reasons why plant consumption is so important). Note that citrus fruits are not necessarily acidifying, contrary to what one might think. Because we must not confuse taste acidity and acidity of the body.

Spices are also alkalizing foods.


How to apply the alkaline diet?

This slimming diet advocates to greatly reduce the consumption of proteins from animal sources. There is also talk of banning alcohol and coffee.

Industrial products are also foods to put aside, including those containing too many sugars with a high Glycemic Index: sweets, ice cream, pastries, biscuits, etc. On the contrary, it is advisable to eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables, in addition to spices and herbs.



– Feed on natural and healthy foods and let down industrial dishes and products with additives or genetically modified.

– Prefer quality meats, outdoor poultry, fresh cheeses and unpasteurized milk to preserve nutrients.

– Replace daily dairy products (acidifying) with plant milks: almond milk, hemp or macadamia milk), feta or cheese and soy yogurt.

– For cereals, forget the wheat and pick some barley, quinoa or buckwheat.

– Drink two liters of water or herbal teas (fennel, mint, ginger) a day.



Cereals or potatoes are always the first level (30 to 35%) of the dish, such as quinoa, millet, rice, rye or buckwheat. They bring the energy.

Raw vegetables, grilled or steamed are the 2nd level (30 to 25% too) of the dish. They provide fiber, vitamins and minerals and are the main alkalizing elements.

Nuts, fresh herbs and seeds form the 3rd level (20 to 25%). Longer to digest, they will slow down the production of energy and allow it to gradually release.

Oils, butters and lemon seasonings form the last level (10 to 15%) and provide essential fatty acids for the functioning of the nervous system.


Does it work to lose weight?

This alkaline acid diet is rather a good thing for the health because it is true that the modern diet is too acidifying. The primary goal of this diet should be better health and not weight loss. But, as it advocates banishing industrial foods, animal protein, often accompanied by a good dose of fat, and foods high in sugar, it is obvious that a loss of weight can be observed.

However, like all diets, if it is only temporary, the weight will be quickly resumed with a modern “classic” diet. In addition, all effects of acid-base balance will be lost.


Last word

This diet is also known as alkaline ash diet, it should be seen as a way to eat more daily than a diet to remove a few pounds. Its health benefits can be observed more over the long term and can actually be accompanied by an improvement of the line since it is generally a more balanced diet and less caloric.

However, a warning is needed. By reducing the protein intake too much, the body can suffer from deficiencies. In addition, the muscles may melt, which will be accompanied by a decline in metabolism. It is therefore necessary to maintain a minimum intake of complete proteins from animal sources or supplement with a combination of plant sources such as rice and lentils.


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