Best way to diet

better way to diet

What is the best way to diet? Nothing could be simpler: thanks to these foods, you will lose pounds faster and get flat, firm and sexy abdominal! You can eat these healthy foods without fear of gaining weight or damaging your diet.


Best way to diet… eating!

First, rest assured, the foods on this list are delicious. Also, don’t think that eliminating carbohydrates at all from your diet will achieve your goals. Rather than creating bans, it is better to consume carb-foods in moderation and to prefer healthy, tasty, fiber-rich foods to ease your digestion!

Here are the 4 characteristics of the foods that will become your other allies in your quest for thinness :

  • They are so low in calories that you can take them at will.
  • They are very nutritious.

* They fill up; this reduces the appetite for desserts or other high calorie foods.

* Creatively prepared, they will satisfy your desire for treats. An example: raspberries in yogurt with a cassonade and Grand Marnier sauce. Not so bad, is it?


rich fibers leafy vegetables


Best way to diet: leafy vegetables

Diet Calories: 60 per cup (250 ml).

Nutrients: kale, cabbage, chard and other dark green vegetables are nutritious and low calorie. Experts believe they are among the safest foods available. They are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Diet Danger: leafy vegetables are often served with butter, bacon or cheese. Limit your consumption of these extras.

Suggestions: chop them and simmer them in low sodium broth with chopped onions, a few drops of vinegar and a lot of pepper. Here’s some excellent soup. You can also saute them, but take it easy on the oil.

In closing, be aware that several green vegetables including kale are rich in folic acid that have a positive psychological impact. Indeed, a deficiency of this type of vitamin B would be linked to depression!


Best way to diet: natural lean yogurt

Diet Calories: about 80 per ¾ cup (180 ml).

Nutrients: yogurt is very rich in calcium and vitamin B. It is also an excellent source of protein : one serving of ¾ cup provides 9 g.

Diet Hazard: while plain yogurt is almost perfect, flavored yogurt is not. The added sugar can increase calorie intake and blood sugar levels. Sugar substitutes are lower in calories, but be careful : some artificial sweeteners pose health risks.

Suggestions: buy plain yogurt and prepare it with the healthy ingredients of your choice : muesli, black chocolate or cocoa beans, a spoonful of jam or crushed fruit. It is also a good substitute for mayonnaise for salad dressings and other dishes. You can prepare a fabulous dessert sauce simply by mixing it with a little brown sugar.


Best way to diet: grilled vegetables

Diet Calories: about 95 Calories for a substantial mixture of a half red pepper (15), a small zucchini (20), three green onions (30) and two medium slices of eggplant (30).

Nutrients: there are more vitamins and micro-nutrients in vegetables than any other food group. Although everyone has their own particular profile, they are all good for health. The rule to remember: the stronger the color, the higher the nutrient content of the vegetable.

Diet Danger: vegetables, especially eggplant, are a veritable oil sponge, a very caloric food. Instead of brushing them with oil, spray them lightly ; you’ll wear less.

Suggestions: after grilling, season with salt and pepper, and season with a few drops of wine vinegar and a herb, such as thyme. Cut them into bite-sized pieces and serve them in salads.


Best way to diet: hot-air popcorn

Diet Calories: about 30 calories per cup (250 ml).

Nutrients: corn, an entire grain, is rich in foliate, vitamin B which is essential for cell development. It is also a good source of fiber : one cup provides 1.3 g. therefore, at 30 calories per cup, one can easily take a few cups.

Danger: resist the temptation to put butter. One tablespoon provides about 100 calories. Also, do not add too much salt ; even if it is not caloric, it raises blood pressure.

Suggestions: by seasoning with black pepper, chilli, garlic flakes or other spices, you can create amazing flavors without adding a single calorie. In fact, chilli elevates metabolism and allows you to burn more calories. For a very special treat, sprinkle with a little finely grated parmesan cheese.


Best way to diet: muskmelon

Diet Calories: one melon provides about 200 Calories.

Nutrients: rich in potassium and vitamins A, C and B6. Thanks to its high water content, it satisfies the appetite.

Diet Danger: the only problem with watermelon is that it is very sweet. One fruit provides about 42 g of natural sugars, the same amount as 11/2 cups of soft drink.

Suggestions: cut half a melon into small cubes and nibble throughout the afternoon. And don’t forget to drink the juice that lies in the bottom of the container. Watermelon and honeydew honey melon provide about the same amount of calories.


Best way to diet: Salsa

Diet Calories: five per tablespoon (15 ml) or about 80 per cup (250 ml).

Nutrients: when it is free of chemicals and preservatives, salsa is healthy : no saturated fat, lots of fiber and a good mix of vitamins and minerals.

Diet Danger: commercial salsas are sometimes very rich in sodium. However, the real danger is the products with which it is consumed. For example, if you take it with tons of corn chips, then you eat way too many calories.

Suggestions: use it instead of sauces high in fat and calories. For example, top with chicken breasts, potatoes, pasta and pork. Or, add some in spaghetti sauces, soups or stews, or as a substitute for mayonnaise in Rolls. If you like spicy food, you will get another benefit: you will burn more calories and eat more slowly.


Best way to diet: turkey breast without skin

Diet Calories: a 125 g Turkey piece provides about 120 calories. In comparison, a similar piece of sirloin steak provides 400 calories.

Nutrients: Turkey is essentially a protein food – 30 g provides 5 g-and low fat – ½ g of fat for the same amount. It is certainly one of the most lean and healthy sources of protein, whether it is poultry, meat or seafood.

Diet Danger: industrial Turkey sold at the deli counter is very high in sodium and is often injected with water and preservatives. As for ground turkey, it is generally fatter. Therefore, it is better to cook yours in the oven or on the grill. Slice it then and keep it in the freezer.

Suggestions: cook a whole breast with tons of herbs and seasonings, such as dry marinade. To preserve its Play, cook it with its skin, which you will remove before slicing it. Serve it as a starter with a salsa sauce or cut it into strips that you add to soups, salads or sautes.

By the way, did you know that Turkey was contributing to the increase in serotonin, commonly identified as the mood hormone? That’s another great reason to include it on your plate!


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