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Calorie calculator calculates the calories of all food types to enable you controlling your calories intake. Calorie calculator also calculates the calories you burn through physical activity.

To lose weight there are many diets, but many of them have a yoyo effect on your body. In other words: they are not all good for you or effective over time. The best way to lose weight and stabilize yourself is to rebalance your diet and count the calories you consume throughout the day.

But how do you count the calories you absorb? And if you play sports, what the way to rebalance the balance? Do you have to consume more or less? You can obviously do this operation by hand but there are fortunately free mobile applications of calorie counters available for your smartphone. The calorie count app is more simple and effective way to track your consumption throughout the day, whether you are in the office, at home or at friends.



It should be known that each individual has different calorie needs, according to his physical needs: weight loss, weight gain or stabilization? But also of his/her daily physical activity: do you go to work on foot or by bus? Do you exercise in a day? This calculation will also depend on your basic weight and your height, a person measuring 1.60 m for 70 kg will not have the same need in calorie intake as a person measuring 1.80 m for 80 kg.

Your goals will then determine if you need to reduce or increase your calorie consumption. Of course, to lose weight you will reduce the number of daily calories absorbed. To know that in order not to put your body in danger you must consume less than 1200 calories a day, according to your needs, so you can reduce from 250 to 500 calories per day.



The easiest way to follow this method of losing weight and using a mobile app, you add your data in just a few seconds and get a daily goal. Then, it’s a very simple system, when you eat something just search for that food in the app and add it to your logbook. For example, if you’re aiming to eat 2,400 calories each day, have a breakfast that provides you with 800 calories, you still have 1,600 calories left until night. It is therefore easy to lose weight with a slimming diet and food calorie calculator.



If you play sports? It’s the same: add the type of sport and the time to get the number of calories assumed to be lost, you see your gauge to rebalance. It’s very simple! With this kind of application, you will have a better view of the caloric intake of foods that you like to eat. Do you know how much pizza you bring? An apple or even a glass of milk? Maybe you have to deprive yourself today, but by doing sport tomorrow you can also enjoy yourself!



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To build your muscles and gain a body mass you should eat before and after the workout. The quantity of food for workout should be constant even your on diet for losing weight. If you’re on 2000 calorie diet, for example, and your food before and after the workout is 900 calories, the rest of daily calories should be not more than 1100 calories. The importance of Calorie calculator is to count all your calories before going to gym to not to exceed your maximum daily calorie intake.


There are many calorie calculators in the apps market. To choose one it’s not to get the best one. But you can choose the app which has many advantages than others. For example, it sends you a reminder after each meal not to forget to add the consumed food. And when your weight changes (do not forget that you do not have to weigh yourself every day), you just have to update it on the application so that your objective is also updated.


  • You should first determine your daily calories intake. This is will be your target.
  • Before each meal to look at the app and check how many calories brings you the food you would like to eat. This is a good way not to exceed your quota but also to dissuade you from eating the cereal bar that is at the bottom of your bag, or to drink this coca that has been your eye for 2 days.
  • Don’t forget to check how many calories are burned from your exercise.
  • With calorie calculator application, it is possible to monitor your line and lose weight or stabilize without depriving you of eating what you love. This is the advantage of counting calories to lose weight, no frustration!
  • In addition to control your calorie intake, it is generally desirable to have a gentle physical activity to facilitate weight loss. A walk of half an hour daily, or three quarters of hours of cycling, or an hour of intense cleaning, or two hours of swimming a week is recommended.
  • If you want to lose weight, you must obviously find the courage to take action. And as you know, it is not easy to find the motivation to lose weight. To find the motivation to lose weight, it is on the side of physical effort that you should lean. Do not think about the end result. Go to the gym regularly. Tell yourself that every effort you make, every weight you raise brings you closer to your goal. Put you on the right track.
  • The motivation to lose weight is maintained by seeing the results. Do not hide it from us. That’s why you should after each workout take a picture of your body. It may seem daunting at first … But week after week, you will see with your own eyes the result of your work. And soon, it is with a spirit and a desire never expressed previously that you will want to put you in action.
  • Weight loss is recognized as one of the most difficult goals in the long term. Do not adopt this vision. See this as the most beautiful challenge. The most beautiful proof of your abilities … and your whole life will change!

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