Calories in mixture with favourite Indian snacks

Why did we choose to talk about Calories in mixture with favourite Indian snacks this specifically?

Because India is a land of diverse languages, dialects, culture and food.
Visit any Indian household and you won’t be able to leave without being served a traditional range of snacks.

Also branded as junk food, today we are going to give you a low-down on a few top Indian snacks and their nutritional facts.

Boost high protein calories – Fasten your seat belts because these snacks and appetizers might be making you wander pretty far from your balanced diet and exercise plans!

Calories in mixture

Calories in mixture
Calories in mixture

1- Calories in mixture: Samosa, man

Traditional Indian samosa is a crisp, deep-fried snack made with a flour casing and a blend of spicy mashed potatoes, coriander powder, red chilli powder and salt.

The only safe way to eat samosas is to provide them with organic chicken or vegetable-based flavourings, and yes, steaming or baking instead of frying but of course, it’s fun!

Data on calories: 1 piece of typically deep-fried samosa contains 252 calories.

2- Pakoras, guy

Pakoras made by frying your favourite variety of vegetables – such as onions, cauliflower, cottage cheese, spinach, green chillies, tomatoes – in a mixture of garlic, besan and oil. It is eaten with a sweet and spicy sauce. The safe way to get pakoras is either to roast them or to barbecue them.

Data on calories: 1 piece of regular pakora contains 76 calories.
Calories can increase depending on the size of the pakora.

3- Dhokla

Dhokla, a traditional Gujarati delicacy, prepared by mixing grounded and soaked chickpeas flour.

This dish is very healthy when cooked steamed and not fried.

However, be careful when you are giving en extra tadka of oil, mustard seed and a whole lot of other spices to them.

Data on calories: 1 piece of Dhokla contains 150 calories.

4- It’s Chivda

Chivda is a traditional Mumbai blend and is a popular snack at any time of the day.

It’s essentially a combination of dried peanuts, puffed rice, chickpea, deep-fried pasta, lentil and a variety of other common ingredients. The only safe way to eat chivda is to cook a stir-fried set of chivda at home rather than a frozen, fried one.

Data on calories: A handful of chivda ‘s got 201 calories.

5- Aloo Tikki, guy

This popular street food snack made with a mixture of channa dal, mashed potatoes, cilantro, salt, garam masala and a host of other spices. This mixture then hand-pressed into a flat ball and deep-fried.

A safe way to get tikkis is to bake them.

Data on calories: 1 piece of aloo Tikki contains 275 calories.

6- Murukku, guy

Popularly known as Chakli, Murukku is a crispy snack that is eating with evening tea in many Indian households.

Urad dal is combined with rice flour and several other spices.

These are hollow tubes, deep-fried until light brown in colour.

Data on calories: 1 piece of Chakli contains 150 calories.

7- Calories in mixture: It’s Masala Vada

In short, Served along with sambhar and coconut chutney, masala vada a medium-sized cookie-shaped deep-fried dumpling made with a mixture of channa dal, curry leaves, ginger and green chillies. A safe way to make masala vadas is to steam or boil.

Data on calories: 1 piece of masala vada contains 100 calories.

Source: my fitness pal