Catabolic Diet: catabolic foods fact or fiction?

catabolic foods fact or fiction

To lose fat fast, there are several types of diets that you can take into consideration. One of the most effective is the catabolic diet. If you want to learn more about how to lose pounds with this diet, do not miss this note.

The catabolic diet is special for those who must and want to lose weight quickly, because it has special characteristics that allows you to burn fat quickly. This loss of fat is reflected in the loss of pounds.



Proper dietary setting is essential for regulating body weight and preserving the physical well-being of every individual. Chosen every day by those who particularly care about maintaining their physical fitness, the catabolic diet is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight in a short time, maintaining the right caloric intake.


catabolic foods fact


To understand the underlying significance of the functioning of the catabolic diet, it is necessary to make a small premise regarding the metabolism in general. With the term metabolism we mean the set of chemical-physical transformations that are the basis of the absorption of nutrients, the processes of construction and demolition of tissues and respiratory phenomena.


Anabolism and catabolism

Specifically we talk about anabolism when nutrients are stored as energy reserves, to be used later in case of need, and catabolism when the degradation of nutrients, through chemical processes, leads to the production of energy . This means that catabolism and anabolism are phenomena closely linked to each other, so that their balance is essential to ensure a steady state of well-being of our body. In other words, because we can all, for example, maintain the right body weight, it is essential that anabolism and catabolism are equivalent.

This naturally demonstrates that to lose weight it is necessary to introduce a lower calorie quantity than the one used, so that the energy spent derives for the most part from the energy reserves accumulated as storage fat by the body. On the contrary, when the anabolic processes are found to have the better on the catabolic ones, the organism tends to store the energy not spent and to increase weight accordingly.


What is the Catabolic diet?

The concept of the Catabolic diet began in 1929 when Dr. Victor Lindlarh (who was the son of a famous nutritionist) discovered how certain foods consume high amounts of calories in order to be digested – more calories than the food itself contains.

Dr. Lindlarh started by referring to these foods as having “negative calorie values“, ten years later he published his studies.

If you are one of the many people who are trying to lose weight today, then you probably think about eating a piece of food like adding more fat and calories to your body and that the only way to burn these is through exercise.

catabolic recipes

What you may not know is that the digestion of the food you consume also requires the body to expend energy. This is because digestion involves several complex processes that take place inside the body – chewing, the production of acids and enzymes that break down food, the movement of food through the intestine, the extraction of nutrients from food and the distribution of these nutrients throughout the body.

The Catabolic diet states that if you consume foods that require a lot of energy to digest, you will actually burn more calories than if you eat nothing at all.

Dr. Lindlarh proved this by conducting an experiment in which he compared people who ate catabolic foods to another group of people who ate nothing. He found that the group that ate catabolic foods lost more weight.


The Catabolic diet foods

The ideal diet Catabolic consists of foods that are very low in calories, fats and carbohydrates, but rich in fiber. Remember that it is the high amount of fiber that will cause the body to exert more energy in digestion.

A lot of fruits and vegetables are considered catabolic. If you want to try this diet, be sure to consume many fruits such as apples, tangerines, grapefruit, pineapples and grapefruit.

You can also eat various types of vegetables such as celery, spinach, lettuce, carrots and cauliflower. To avoid eating only fruits and vegetables every day, you can add a little lean meat to your meals.


Characteristics of the catabolic diet

These are essentially the basic processes behind the functioning of a catabolic diet, whose main purpose is to promote rapid and effective fat burning. One of the most important characteristics of the catabolic diet is given by the richness of food of protein origin.

This is because foods with a high protein content help to burn fat more quickly and effectively. The other essential element of the catabolic diet is represented by foods of vegetable origin, thanks to their low caloric content. The purpose of the catabolic diet is naturally to keep the intake of calories introduced into the body low by feeding, always assuming that each subject can present different needs.

The ideal catabolic diet must therefore be able to best combine foods of animal and vegetable origin, combining for example dishes based on lean meat with salad, fruit and vegetables of various kinds. Those who practice sports and show a certain attention to the wellbeing of their body tends to associate this particular diet with a dynamic lifestyle. Physical activity and fitness exercises practiced in the gym or in the open air represent, in fact, precious allies for the health of the body.


How to lose pounds with the catabolic diet?

Breakfast: 1 cup yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of oatmeal. 2 slices of pineapple.

Mid morning: ½ cup of blueberries or strawberries cut in half.

Lunch: Half an hour before eating, take a glass of water with the juice of a lemon. A salad of most of the green areas with grilled chicken breast. 1 cup of green tea.

Snack: 1 grapefruit cut in half, sweetened with the sweetener.

How to lose pounds with the catabolic diet?

Afternoon: fucus tea 1 cup.

Dinner: Half an hour before eating, take a glass of water with the juice of a lemon. A portion of grilled fish with green zucchini (you can choose other vegetables) steamed. 1 serving of low-calorie jelly.

This is a menu where you combine foods that are considered to have negative calories with protein-rich foods. If you know both food groups, you can prepare your own menu, respecting the portions and the number of daily meals.


Things to keep in mind

As with many diets, the foods recommended under the Catabolic diet do not contain all the nutrients you need for a balanced diet. The diet should not also be followed for a long period of time, as it can lead to malnutrition.


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