What is it Corn Tortilla Calories

What is it Corn Tortilla Calories

What is it Corn Tortilla Calories, tortilla bread is thin in terms of fish and dates back to Mexico and has

subsequently moved to the American people to become today the most widespread bread in the

United States of America.


It is worth noting that the corn tortilla is filled with that bread with many different fillings, including chicken or

meat, and after that the bread was transferred to the Arab world through the baskets of American restaurants that

invaded many of these countries to become today one of the most famous types of bread in the Arab world on


What is it Corn Tortilla Calories

Number of calories in a tortilla bread


Tortilla bread is a type of light bread that does not contain more calories than other types of bread, as the amount of calories found in one of the tortilla bread, which weighs only 42 grams, is approximately 192 calories.


It also contains a percentage of fat, which amounts to 3 grams of fat, a proportion of carbohydrates 21 grams,

grams of sugar and 2 grams of other dietary fiber.


Today, it is one of the most preferred types of bread for lovers of spicy meals, the most famous of which is Mexican

meals, including tacos, which is the most famous hot Mexican meal that many restaurants offer today.


How to prepare tortilla bread at home

It is easy to prepare tortilla bread at home with the following ingredients and ingredients, and it is among the

things that are available to everyone in the home.

Ingredients of tortilla bread

1- Three cups of white flour and sifted before using it.
2- One cup of water.
3- A teaspoon of sugar.
4- The number of three cups of vegetable oil.
5- A small spoonful of salt.

How to prepare

1- In a container suitable for mixing the ingredients, the sifted flour, oil, and salt are placed, and through the wooden spoon, the ingredients are stirred together to ensure that the oil permeates the whole content.

2- The water is put, but gradually, while continuing to mix the ingredients through the spoon until you have a soft, easy to form dough.

3- The dough is left for a quarter of an hour until it completely relaxes and then the whole dough is formed into 16 round pieces.

4- Each ball is individually spread through a rolling pin on a level surface with a quantity of flour so that the dough does not stick to the surface. During the individual process, a thin fish must be obtained.

5- A circular frying pan is prepared with the same size of bread and then put it on fire for a while until it is completely heated and then the bread tablets are baked on it until browned and then placed on the other side, until browned and then we put the other disk until we finish the dough all.

6- After the quantity has left, it is better to wrap it with a large piece of fabric made of cotton, in order to keep it soft and not dry quickly.

Steps to prepare tortilla bread with corn flour

It is possible to prepare tortilla bread with corn flour according to the following steps and method.

Ingredients of tortilla bread

1- 2 cups of cornmeal.
2- A cup and a half cup of water.
3- Half a teaspoon of salt.

How to prepare tortilla with corn flour

1- In a suitable bowl, mix flour and salt with each other until the salt has completely reached the flour.
2- The amount of water is added to the flour gradually with the start of kneading the ingredients and kneading well until obtaining the coherent and easy dough and forming at the same time.

3- We leave the dough to rest for 10 minutes or it may increase to a quarter of an hour until the formation process is easy for you.
4- The dough is cut into medium sizes the size of an egg, for example.

5- The dough is spread out until it is thin and even in thickness.
6- A skillet is well heated over a fire and then the dough is baked on it until browned on both sides.
7- Bread is stuffed with any favorite filling of meat or chicken and fried in a bowl with a little oil and served.

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