Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories – All you need to know

Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories

Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories – What is it? What is it? A diabetic diet of 1800 calories ensures that you consume no more than 1800 calories a day of your food.

– In short, you may need this diet to regulate or lose weight in your blood sugar or decrease the risk of heart diseases.

– The amount of carbohydrate, fat, and protein consumed in a diabetic diet limit.

A diet of 1800 calories is low in fat and calories.

Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories

Pay attention to:

Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories
Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories

– Please tell your healthcare provider to know about your diabetic diet exchange.

When to eat food and snacks to manage your diabetes, your health care professional will let you know.

Speak to your health caregiver about low or high blood sugar levels in your body.

The following is a description of a diet of 1800 calories.
You may swap or exchange one food from the same food category for another one.

For example, instead of 3/4 cup of another dry cereal, you can choose 1 slice of bread. Because of 1-1/4 cups of melon, you can pick 1/5 cup of fruit juice.

Serving sizes:

For foods and serving sizes, use the chart below, such as: 

A portion of the food is the size after cooking or preparation.

The scale of 1-1/3 soda-pop cans is 1 pint or 2 cups (16 fluid ounces) of liquid.

The size of a soda-pop can is 1 to 1/2 cup (12 fluid ounces) of air.

1 cup of food shall be the size of a handful of fat or 8 fluid ounces of oil.

One half-cup of food amounts to approximately half a large handful or 4 fluid oz.

There are about 2 tablespoons (Tbsp) of the size of the walnut.

1 tablespoon is roughly the size (the last crease) of the tip of your thumb.

1 teaspoon (tsp) is about the size of the fingertip (last plug).

It is about the size of the card deck 3 ounces of cooked beef, poultry or fish.

Approximately 1/4 of a cup of beef, fish or poultry is cooked (c).

One ounce of hard cheese has a diameter of approximately 1 inch.

One serving is 1/2 cup or 1 cup (1 handful) of raw vegetables.

Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories

Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories
Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories


2 bread bits, 1 1/2 cup bran cereal, or 1-1/2 cup bagel (frozen cups)
1 fruit like 1-1/4 cups of stew or 1/2 big banana
One milk like 1 cup of skim or 1 per cent of milk or 1 l of non-fat yoghurt
1 fat, for example, 1 tsp or 1 Tbsp of cream cheese.


For order to make a taco salad, the following foods:

  • 2 ounces, such as turkey breast, meat or protein
  • Meat or protein 1-ounce, such as low-fat grated Colby cheese
  • 1 vine, including 1/2 cup of cool tomato chopped
  • One tomato, like 1/2 cup of mild salsa
  • 1 free food, like 2 cups of lettuce shredded
  • 2 bread pieces or stuffings, including 2 ounces taco chips baked
  • 1 free food, like 2 fat-free salad dressings for the ranch
  • Fill up the lunch with the following foods:
  • 1 fruit like 1 orange pear or 1/2 pear
  • 1 food free, including 12 ounces of sugar-free pop soda

Snack in the evening

1 cup of milk or 1 cup of non-greasy yoghurt.

One cup of non-greasy yoghurt

1 bread like 3 graham crackers, 2-1/2 inch.


3 ounces, like cod or salmon, of meat or protein

2 starches, like brown rice, cooked 2/3

2 herbs, like 1 cup of boiled asparagus and 1/2 cup of cooked carrots

1 fat, like 1 dc of olive oil or 1 dc of margarine.

One fruit like pineapple 3/4 cups

1 cup of skimmed milk, such as 1

Snack at night

1 bread, like 3 cups of popcorn air-popped

One meat or protein, for example, 1/4 pot of low-fat

cheese or 1-ounce breast of turkey.

Diabetic exchange diet 1800 calories: REQUEST TO WORK IF:

In this diabetic diet, you have concerns about serving sizes.
You have questions about preparing or cooking food.
And You are wondering how or where to buy food on this list.
You have questions or doubts about this list of items, your illness or your medication.

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