Foods that burn fat while you sleep

foods that burn fat fast

Foods that burn fat while you sleep are recently searched in google by many people. People who searched this sentence don’t know that there are other ways than foods that burn fat while you sleep. You actually burn fat while sleeping. And that’s normal: Your body is in operation. It’s like a car that’s stopped, but the engine keeps running. Your heart continues to beat. Your brain is active. You breathe, your lungs work. And many other energy consuming phenomena take place when you sleep. However, during sleep some people burn more fat than others (size, weight, body fat, age and sex are the same).

In the lines that follow, we will see together how you can be part of those people who lose weight effectively while sleeping.


How to burn more fat while sleeping?

Did you know that depending on your metabolism, you can lose up to 200 extra calories a day while eating the same thing, and not doing extra exercises?

What amounts to losing up to a few pounds in one year, without eating less, and without doing more sports. Awesome, is not it? Is it really possible? I explain in detail, in a simple way, how all this works.


The key to burning more fat during your sleep: Boost your metabolism

As a reminder: the metabolism is all the activity of your body. This activity requires energy even when you are not doing anything.

Because energy is needed to: stay alive, think, breathe, move your muscles.

By the age of 30-40 years, your metabolism starts to slow down by about 5% per decade.

It means that around 60-70 years old, your metabolism may need less than 300 calories than it needs today.

For example, if at age 30 your body consumes 1500 calories a day, at age 65 it could only consume 1200 calories.

So if today you do not get fat while eating, you could very well take more than a kilo a month at 65 by eating the same thing.

Not super reassuring …

But do not panic, there is an effective and natural way to counter this phenomenon.

Let’s first understand where the slowdown of your metabolism comes from:

Slowing down your metabolism is due to the gradual loss of your muscle mass.

These are the muscles that are responsible for most of your body’s caloric expenditure.

That’s why when you lose muscles, you get bigger easily.

Because your body needs less energy.

And will store the excess fat.

It’s because you’re in your thirties, you’re gradually losing muscles, your metabolism is slowing down, and you’re getting fatter more easily.

From now on, your goal will be to maintain your muscles …

… so that they do not atrophy, and consume as much energy as they consumed when you were younger.

lose weight while sleeping the key the sport and to do this, the best sport is the bodybuilding

More precisely: the exercises of strength.

That is, exercises with 2 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

2-3 minutes of rest between each series.

If you are a woman, do not panic:

Bodybuilding is not going to make you have huge muscles, even practiced regularly. It’s a myth. You will stay fine and elegant.

Bodybuilding training allows you to maintain your muscles, so that they always consume as much energy as when you were younger or more.

But that’s not all…

Bodybuilding training does not only allow you to maintain your muscles:

A bodybuilding session allows you to burn calories by the simple fact that you are physically active. It is obvious but do not forget it.

So in addition to ensuring a higher metabolism, you burn calories.

You kill two birds with one stone.

And you know what ?

Unlike cardio, you do not burn calories during your session:

Your body continues to burn calories up to 48 hours after your session, followed by the intensity of your muscles’ efforts.

This type of training also has the effect of strengthening your bones.

And that says stronger bones, says bones that consume more calories (this is a little known fact, but true).

Note :

To begin, do not pay attention to your weight.

Know that muscles weigh heavier than fat.

You can very well have a small size and weigh relatively heavy.

So instead of lingering on the scale, look at the size of the clothes you are entering.

You could have many surprises.

In addition, avoid depriving yourself:

how to lose weight while sleeping without depriving oneself Eat your hunger.

Because if your body feels that it does not have enough energy, it will go into survival mode.

And so will slow down your metabolism, so you can survive longer, with less energy.

By limiting too much on calories, you bring your body to store more fat.

And we agree: it’s not what you want.

Well, now did you know that some people burn more fat when they sleep than they burn when they are simply inactive (eg sitting or lying down, not sleeping)?

For you to understand what we are going to see, I have to tell you about DPRs and SMRs.

The RMR is the Resting Metabolic Rate. This is the energy you spend in one day when you are inactive (so when you sit or when you do not have energy-consuming activity).

The SMR is the Sleeping Metabolic Rate (Metabolic Sleep Rate). It’s the energy your body spends when you sleep, reduced to a day.

Several scientific studies have shown that:

  • For people who are not physically active and obese, the SMR is lower than the DPR. This means that those people, when they sleep, will burn less fat than when they are not sleeping and they are inactive.
  • For regular physical activity, the SMR is higher than the DPR. This means that these people, when they sleep (and especially in the second part of the night), will burn more fat than during the day when they are inactive.

We understand all the benefits of having regular physical activity because it ensures we have a SMR (Metabolic Sleep Rate) higher than our Metabolic Rest Rate (RMR).

Hence the benefit of having regular physical activity, since this will allow our body to burn more fat while we sleep.

For greater oxidation of fat during sleep, play sports

So, are you one of the people with a higher SMR than their DPR, or vice versa?


What are the best exercises for your bodybuilding sessions?

To begin, arrange to train three times a week.

This is the ideal.

If you can not, nothing dramatic: just think about going there at least once a week. It’s the minimum.

  • Privilege complete exercises:

lose weight while being drowsy this is to say exercises that work simultaneously several groups of muscles.

As for example the squat or the deadlift.

These exercises allow you to work several groups of muscles at the same time, and therefore burn a lot of calories (both on the moment than in the hours following the training).

  • Add isolation drills to complete your workout if necessary:

a better oxidation of fat during the night, that is to say exercises that work only one muscle, or only one group of muscles.

Some examples :

  • dumbbell curl
  • curl bar
  • kick back
  • front bar
  • extension to the pulley


List of fat burning foods

Even if maintaining your muscles is the most important thing to speed up your metabolism, some foods can give you a little help, like:


belly fat burning foods

Green tea


Coffee (without sugar, obviously)

These foods have the effect of speeding up your metabolism.

And so to make you lose weight faster.


Lose weight while sleeping: what to remember

You can lose weight by sleeping and accelerate the oxidation of fat, accelerating your metabolism.

To do this, practice weight training with strength exercises (whether you are a man or a woman).

And for the little boost, eat foods that speed up your metabolism.

Note that you can eat before you sleep, it will not interfere with your weight loss (“eating before sleep makes you fat” is a myth, you only get fatter if you consume more calories than you need).


Summer is finally here, and it’s never too late to get back on track

And if you are a woman, you are lucky: we have prepared a second article in which you will discover a complete training program to burn your extra pounds and sculpt a slim and sexy body.

Because being motivated to lose weight is one thing.

But having an effective action plan to achieve it relatively quickly and for good, it is another.

The program you will discover in this article, it is a bit special:

We have added some relatively unknown exercises, but they prove to be formidable for burning fat in a minimum of time.

Because the objective, it is indeed at first of time to burn a maximum of fat.

So that you can wear a slim body and a minimal drawn.

And burn fat quickly.

Because you will agree with me that if you have to wait months or years to get results, it’s not very motivating to get moving …

Simply, do not do it anyhow:

Too many women who want so much to lose their extra kilos and refine themselves head down into diets or sports programs that lead to disaster.

That’s exactly what you want to avoid.


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