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Cookies diet seems a dream, imagine you can lose weight by eating cookies instead of foods, but should I eat cookies all day? Will it be healthy or not?

Before you know the details of the cookie diet, It is clear that these diets are made especially for those who want to take this style of diet. Find out what it is and if it works for you or not in these next lines.


The cookie, what is it?

If its name in English means cake, it proves its place of choice in the pastry department. Originally from the Netherlands, he is now akin to the American gastronomic culture where he arrived with the first settlers. This small dry cake made from chocolate chips or nuts (pecan, brazil, hazelnuts or walnuts) is as quick to prepare as to eat. We owe it to an American from Boston who supplied all GI with its accidental recipe because they were easy to carry everywhere. Today, the cookie moves around the world with the same success in the hearts of young and old.


Is the cookie caloric?

The main ingredients of the original cookie being butter and sugar, it makes it a pure concentrate of lipids and carbohydrates known to be easily stored and more difficult to eliminate. Of course the cookies used in cookie diet are different as they have high protein or fiber content.


What is the cookie diet?

The diet of the cookie is characterized by being very practical. This diet consists of eating cookies at breakfast, lunch and snacks while dinner is your choice, but some plans advise limiting your food at night to a certain number of calories.

cookie diet

What does the cookie diet offer you?

Some companies offer muffins, smoothies and sometimes soups besides cookie. Of course the aim of these products is to help you lose weight. The ingredients are been varied, but all the products have fiber content and high protein to not feel hunger.

The cookies come in several flavors and tend to be vegetarian. But you should check the label to know what they contain, since they could contain gluten. However, some people do not feel satisfied with this type of low-calorie diet, since eating the same foods over and over again can be boring. In this way these diets are difficult to sustain.


What is the cost of cookies?

Usually these cookies are not cheap, although they may cost less than the food you are replacing. For example, the diet of the Hollywood cookie has an approximate cost of $ 100 for a duration of 21 days. Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet offers a 4-week package for $ 250, and Smart’s offers cookies for 5 weeks at a cost of around $ 209.


Does the diet really work?

As this diet is low calorie diet, it guarantees weight loss because you are going to eat fewer calories. There are many plans that will give you the freedom to choose other options for dinner, but you should eat reasonably during it.

It’s important to keep in mind that most cookie diets do not learn you a healthy habits of eating, so any weight loss you achieve will only be in the short term.


In what cases should I not do this diet?

If you are overweight, losing a few pounds can reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. However, if you suffer from diabetes the intake of cookies as food is counterproductive because they can control your blood sugar levels. So you need an advice from a doctor before following this diet.

You will also have to assure that the cookies or other meal replacements, matches any regulations from your dietary. For example, low in cholesterol.


Disadvantages and risks of diet

Diets with less than 1200 calories a day are not recommended by doctors. Also according to studies when you lose weight quickly it is more difficult to maintain weight and get fat again.

According to critics the diet of the cookie (Cookie diet) the diet is half cooked. In addition to being very low in calories, diet can hardly contribute to long-term weight loss, because people do not learn healthy eating habits. There is also fear that people who follow this diet are not getting the nutrients they need.

Another drawback is the rigidity of this diet, although it sounds fun to eat cookies after a few days will be boring and you will not want to see them. The dinner is quite light and you should be careful not to eat more than the bill during it.



If you are very busy, then the cookie diet could be suitable for you as it is very simple. Eating out is easy and the cookies are comfortable enough to carry to work.

Remember that the cookie diet does not be a change in your lifestyle. So, even if you use it for a while for weight loss, you’ll still have to work to create the habit of a healthy and balanced diet.

Physical activity is very important and should be included in your daily activities. In meanwhile, it should be in line with you and suitable to your daily calories intake.

Finally, keep in mind that if you do not like cookies or the idea of ​​eating cookies as a diet for most meals, then this diet will be hard for you to follow.



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