Hollywood diet juice: what is it?

Hollywood diet juice

Hollywood diet juice promises to lose five pounds in 48 hours. The Hollywood diet juice is a method of losing “miraculous weight” in two days and is known by this name because of the large influx of celebrities who performed this method. But in Hollywood, there are many other regimes that have crossed the borders and become very famous. The Hollywood diet is also known as 48 hour diet. With this method, you lose up to 4.5 kg in just two days by taking juice and water.


Hollywood diet juice: what is it?

It consists of drinking for two days, only a juice composed of different fruits and consume nothing else than water. It is certain that with such a diet, you are sure to lose weight. On the other hand, at the level of health, it could present a real danger.

The weight loss is about two pounds of fat, while the rest is waste and muscle weight, according to Dietspotlight.com. Drinking only juice for two days detoxifies the waste in your body, which makes you lose weight fast. This drink consists of all natural fruit juices, minerals, vitamins, oils and antioxidants. You do not eat anything, everything on this diet, just a mixture of four fluid ounces of juice concentrate with four ounces of liquid water over a four hour period.


Juice preparation:

Juice preparation should be in the indicated proportions. (450 ml of natural juice bought in stores diluted in 110 ml of water) Take the juice every 4 hours or 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch – lunch and dinner or snack). The juices are made from blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Each bottle of 450 ml is around the price of $ 25.

Hollywood diet juice proportions

Hollywood diet: the benefits

Fast and efficient, the Hollywood diet is easy to follow as authorized foods are limited to juice. In case of discrepancy, there is no drama, you just have to catch up with a diet of 2 days where only the juice is consumable.


Hollywood diet: the disadvantages

The Hollywood diet is a risky diet, that’s why it should not exceed a two days. It can cause strong feelings of fatigue, deficiencies and frustration at the sight of its restrictive nature. We advise you to follow this diet only with the agreement of a health professional.

As no food education, the return to a normal diet can be complex and will inevitably lead to a recovery of lost pounds. To avoid the yo-yo effect, practice physical activity at the end of your diet and eat a balanced diet.


Tips for taking the two-day diet:

  • Do not exercise too much activity because we are not eating solid foods and we may feel tired. You can walk for small period of time and this is will be enough.
  • Do not drink alcohol or cigarettes for best results.
  • It is recommended to take some multivitamin pills for people who do not feel tired.


Variants of the Hollywood Diet

The strength of this drink is in its astonishing concentration of active agents, the reserves of persistent fats are disintegrated, you find a flat belly, legs refined and buttocks well carved. Other concepts include a pineapple cure for one week, or grapefruit, grape, lemon without adding other fruits during the other days. Some variants of the Hollywood diet also allow vegetables. In any case, this drastic slimming method is a form of almost total fasting.


Hollywood Diet: Is it for you?

To follow this diet properly, you must of course be a great follower of juice. You must also be ready to make efforts in sports and food balance following these two days so you do not get your weight back as fast as you have lost.


Side effects of eating 48 hours:

During these two days, you may experience anxiety and nausea. The weight you lose is mainly water not fat so eat as usual again and you recover the lost weight. The muscle mass is also lost, so not at all beneficial to health. The loss of muscle mass makes our metabolism soft and when we return to our eating habits, the chances are that we recover what we have lost everything.

The method is based primarily on juices, this diet is not recommended for health because we feel exhausted easily. You can make yourself this diet based on pineapple juice or carrot, for example, because it contains a lot of fiber and has the power to make us feel a certain satisfaction.


Final word

If you are someone who is familiar with the world of fashion maniacs and health nuts, you will know how crazy it can be. Nowadays, the pressure is getting thinner and people will do almost anything to get the results they want. There are all kinds of unhealthy diets that claim to be good for you, and any of them can do a lot of damage to your health. You are probably already familiar with the Atkins diet, and all the controversy it has aroused, but you may not know that there are diets that are even more dangerous. Although some of them claim to be detoxifying diets, they do everything except detoxify. Do you realize that these so-called health plans can destroy your health?

If you want to be healthy, you do not have to take such extreme measures as the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet. This can really be very easy. All you have to do is eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, get regular exercise and cut out all the fatty and processed foods. You do not need a forty-eight hour Hollywood miracle diet to put you in the best shape of your life. All you really need is a little self-control and a little bit of time. This should really be enough. Leave the 48-hour miracle Hollywood regime to neurotic actresses and models who can’t stand to even have a pound of fat on their bodies. Let them risk their health for their appearance. The rest of us should not even consider the 48 hour Hollywood miracle scheme!


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