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Successful diet is the target for the people want to lose weight. Most people who embark on a diet fail to achieve the desired results. Either they can’t lose as much weight as they want, or they can, but quickly regain their extra pounds once they resume their bad habits. The Key to a successful diet is by adopting some habits every day. Here are the best tips.


Successful diet and the right times for your meals

Respecting your biological clock is very important when you want to lose a few pounds. This simply means choosing the right times for your meals, depending on your activity periods during the day. This is also called Chrono-nutrition:

  • In the hour following your waking up: have a rather fat breakfast.
  • Within 4 to 6 hours: eat a rather dense breakfast (with protein).
  • At least 5 hours after lunch: make a rather sweet snack (like a fruit).
  • At the end of your activity day – and only if you are hungry -: have a rather light dinner.

Of course this scheme can be bypassed: for example, in the case of a very “festive” evening and a late awakening: you can make a big brunch between 10h and 14h, then, possibly, a light dinner.


Take your time to eat!

Even if you are the most active person in the world, this is an order: take the time to eat! Indeed, a meal engulfed too quickly is not satiating. The stomach only transmits the feeling of satiety after 20 minutes. So settle in comfortably, calm around you, and try to put your fork between each bite even if you have fangs! Chew slowly, enjoy the food, and you will see, your digestion will be easier and your rations will decrease.


Nibble smart without gaining weight:

Nibbling is the number one enemy of your weight! Often, if your menus are complete, these little cravings for sugar are due to a psychological appeal rather than a real need for food. If you really can’t hold yourself back and you’re on the verge of devouring your coworker, play it thinly with tea or flavored tea, which may stop the feeling of hunger. Do not forget your afternoon snack: a fruit for example or compote, which will satiate your taste buds on the sugar side. There are ways to control the nibbling cravings.


Replace the most caloric foods!

To lose weight easily, it will first learn to identify the most caloric foods … that are not always those we believe! For example, from a caloric and dietary point of view, prefer chicken to beef, bread cereals rather than a white baguette.


Lose weight AND have fun?

The diet should remain a pleasure, a moment of relaxation and exchange, between friends or family. Stress for any biscuit swallowed is useless and will make you better for the rest of the day. If you make big differences, catch up the next day by reducing your calorie intake or opting for an intensive sports session. Eating well and enjoying yourself is still possible.


Home cooking when looking to lose weight

The most important reasons are home cooking allows you to really control what you eat and to dose according to your needs. But also because it helps to “reconcile” with food and no longer see it as the source of extra pounds!

Equip yourself with utensils (steamer, silicone wrappers, potato masher, blender …), and dare to buy foods you are not used to (aromatic herbs, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes, crustaceans. ..).

Your home cooking (with the light hand on fat) will necessarily be better for your line than prepared meals, high in sugar and salt.



Slim down with plants

Since the dawn of time, we use certain plants for their various medical virtues. But did you know that they can also act against the extra pounds? Not all, of course, but some of them are real slimming plants:

Grapefruit diet tips


  • Grapefruit would accelerate the effect of satiety, and “stimulate” digestion. (Read: GRAPEFRUIT IS AN EXCELLENT NATURAL FAT-BURNING
  • The leaves of ginkgo biloba are used for many properties, but especially for their antioxidant and vasodilatory properties, making them excellent allies against cellulite!
  • Fennel seeds are used for their beneficial action against digestion problems, stomach upset, … etc
  • Ascophyllum ( another seaweed!): This would limit lipid assimilation at the intestinal level. In case of excess (after a holiday meal for example), it can help limit the storage of fat.

You can find all these plants fresh or in powder form packaged in capsules (available in drugstore or organic store), respecting the indicated doses.


Sleep well is important to fight against the pounds

A US scientific study has highlighted the relationship between sleep deprivation and weight, or more precisely body mass index (BMI). It would seem that the less we sleep, the higher our BMI. This could be explained by a high production of ghrelin, the appetite hormone, when one is short of sleep. Another explanation could be that the body needs to draw at night the energy it needs to maintain its temperature in its fat stores. Attention, to lose weight it does not mean that you have to spend the day in bed! Get up to go for some sport.


Controlling your emotions

Stress, anger, fear, anxiety … all emotions are likely to “push us to eat”. Have you ever, after a heartbreak, a big fight, or in front of a scary movie, jumped at everything that’s in your fridge?

This behavior is normal, and instinctual, because it comes from a desire for natural compensation. After a strong emotion, we will satiate with food.

For some people the very fear of fattening will generate stress … that drives you to eat! A circle that will need to be aware to avoid it. Learn to manage your emotions, and most importantly: do not feel guilty at the slightest gram on your scales!


You have to move

Yes, I know that this last step was predictable, but once is not custom: impossible to lose weight without diet and without going through the box “sport”.

We choose the one that best targets the part of the body to firm up:

  • slender legs: the bike
  • Bouncy buttocks: water aerobics
  • drawn abs: the fitness
  • square shoulders: swimming.

And for those who are allergic to sports, find other good ways to sweat a little and lose weight without a diet: walking, shopping, snorkeling, … etc.


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