Liquid diet plan: what can I eat on it?

liquid diet menu

Liquid diet is famous in the diets world. This new trend in diet is the slimming method acclaimed by the stars including the incredible Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie. But what is liquid diet? What does it consist of? Following a liquid detox diet really helps to lose weight? This article will tell you everything.


What is the liquid diet?

The principle is very simple: you have no right to anything solid. Only liquids, according to your desires: black tea, apple juice, vegetable juice, water, hot lemon …

liquid diet menu

Liquid diets are the most popular of women who want to lose a lot of weight in a short time and find a healthy body. Most of these diets are based on three common goals: eliminating accumulated toxins, lowering sugar levels in the diet, and restoring self-esteem.


Liquid diet recipes

Breakfast: a yoghurt 0% mixed with fruits.

Lunch and dinner: a vegetable puree seasoned with the spices of your choice.

Snack: a smoothie with seasonal fruits.

Drinks: tea and other herbal teas. and of course water. lots of water.


What are the significant differences between the “detox cure” and “liquid diet”?

Do not mix detox and liquid diet. A detox cure aims to eliminate toxins that the body has accumulated through food (by any other way, lactic acid accumulation after intense and sustained activity for example). It uses foods that contain active ingredients that promote hepatic elimination, for example beet that contains betaine promoting hepatic elimination; renal elimination, for example artichoke, which promotes the elimination of water by the kidneys; digestive elimination, for example with the prunes that favor it.

The liquid diet is a way of feeding with foods that are not in solid form, it is for example the type of food that is used to feed the burn victims who can’t chew, it is therefore fed by gastric tube directly connected to a food pocket whose composition is perfectly balanced, as well as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and micronutrients, this pocket may contain mixed meat but for the general public a liquid diet remains a diet not containing no meat, fish or starch and whose fruits and vegetables are mixed for one purpose only: to lose weight.


Liquid diet effectiveness

Although the goal is still to lose weight, the public’s apprehension about the regime is changing. Awareness of the risks of dietary restriction is slow, weight recovery after a restrictive diet is perceived as almost inevitable, the risk of micronutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals) is well understood. Even so, the miracle spring diets still have good days ahead of them.

So the diets based on fruit juice and soup are neither better nor worse than another. They have for them that fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates (fructose, sucrose) rich in vitamins and minerals and fiber. It should be noted that fruits and vegetables from sustainable agriculture are richer in these micronutrients than their organic counterparts (due to enrichment by fertilization). Fruits and vegetables are generally the least caloric foods (with the exception of some oily fruits such as avocado and other fruits such as bananas, figs …), so we can find satiety by having a balance of energy inputs / expenses energetic benefits to weight loss.


How many days can these detox treatments become dangerous to your health?

The purpose of the detox is of course to promote the elimination of accumulated toxins but also to feel his body more globally and regain more physical and moral freedom. Trying to reduce or even eliminate the unpleasant sensations (heavy legs, difficult digestion, somnolence and migraines, cramps and muscle or joint pain for example) seems to me a good approach, that’s why i consider that physical activity is an integral part detox.

A detox cure is necessarily deficient, it should not be prolonged but it is not because you will be deficient in vitamin d for 5 to days in a row that you will trigger bone demineralization or that you will increase your cardiovascular risk. However, it is necessary to quickly find a balanced diet. The detox cure will become dangerous if you make it your usual food mode. You would have all wrong because you would deprive yourself of the pleasures of the table while the purpose of the detox cure is to be able to afford one or more hedonic meals without gaining weight.

full liquid diet plan

In conclusion, as part of a healthy diet: regular physical activity, very good hydration, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables punctuated with more or less frequent excesses (no need to make a detox day twice a month). This is a totally vegetarian day using the maximum fruit and vegetables favoring the elimination of toxins is more than enough.


Some celebrities say they perform detox treatments for weeks or months. Is this phenomenon really possible?

This phenomenon is possible and viable, in terms of diet, we see so much that it is not the most aberrant. Let’s not forget that detox treatments call for fruits and vegetables that at least all contain antioxidants. But as i told you in your previous question, deficiencies, including essential amino acids (methionine, tryptophan ….), vitamin b12, vitamin d but also omega 3 fats will increase by causing metabolic disorders (cardiovascular, psychological, endocrine, neurological, etc.). This is why the diet of vegans (who do not eat animal protein) is dangerous and can be fatal by the appearance of a biermer disease related to the absence of vitamin b12 intake.


Advise to people who want to make a detox cure and recommend diet

The diet i recommend is a fun-oriented, common-sense diet that incorporates the cultural and social values ​​of each individual. In everyday life, a diversified and varied diet punctuated in three or four food adapted to the activity that will follow the meal is already a good approach to preserve the individual and social pleasure that can provide food.

Then find satiety at the table by fruits and vegetables rather than by starchy foods and bread seems to me to be a guarantee of weight control; there is too much of a tendency to satiate with the dish and switch to the sweet taste. The only dessert for pleasure is the door open to either: skip the fruit and go directly to the cafe or take a dessert too fat and too sweet by greed.

I consider that the dessert is an integral part of the meal, that we must still have appetite after the main course and that satiety must be sought by the fruits, even if we eat a small piece of cake.

Finally do not forget that eating too salty will make you water retention, promote cellulite, cellulite, weight gain and cardiovascular disease. Anyway, you will not lose weight if you add more than 3 grams of salt a day in your diet (i have checked repeatedly) in my patients, in the same vein, it is important to drink very regularly and not not in fits and starts.

In conclusion, with a diet of this type very diverse and varied corresponding to global daily contributions:

  • for half in carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, sweet products) mainly focused on fruits and vegetables,
  • for 40% lipids (mainly oriented towards vegetable fats such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, olive oil, and / or oleaginous oil)
  • and for 10% of proteins, thus decreasing the consumption of meat and fish without completely suppressing them (a contribution of 100gr per day is largely sufficient, it should not be forgotten that starchy foods are also a good source of protein, but do not contain vitamin b12 or vitamin d).

You will remain at a weight of well-being or you will find it naturally. We must not forget that balance is a point of convergence, whatever the initial point of imbalance, whether you are too thin or too big, this type of diet to restore your weight form. As for excessive meals, too fat, too alcoholic, too sweet, too long or too repeated, the discipline of the detox day of vegetarian type will make you lose the kilo taken during the excess (by water retention) and will relieve the detoxifying organs that will quickly recover their natural function: the liver, kidneys, intestines. The detox day after an excess makes you lose more than a kilo in two days.

To be complete, the management of emotional eating is essential for a successful return to a state of good health.


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