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no calorie diet

No calorie diet plan depends mainly on No calorie foods. Yes, you read correctly No calorie foods. In our usual logic, food brings calories that will turn into energy, which will then be spent by our body. One of the essential reasons for our food is the need for energy. So what about this diet: No calorie diet plan and these foods with no calories. Is it a myth or a reality? Is it true or false that one can eat and lose weight at the same time?


No calorie foods: what is it?

No calorie foods work differently. In fact, from the stage of undigested food to the energy stage, our body has to spend a certain amount of energy, which in theory is much less compared to the energy provided by our food. In the context of foods with no calories, it is this equation that will be reversed. Our body will expend more energy to digest these foods than they bring.

What is the point of choosing these foods with no calories? We must not forget that our foods do not only provide energy, they also provide essential elements for the functioning of our body, such as minerals, vitamins, trace elements … Thus, we eat for acquire essential nutrients, but store calories and fat … less. And in addition, these foods to lose belly are neither rare nor bad taste. They are already part of the foods that make up our meals everyday, without really knowing their virtues.


What precautions should you take to consume no calorie foods?

As this can happen with other diets, we will tend to eat only no calorie foods because our goal is to lose weight.

However, this is absolutely not what you should do, because the lack of energy and nutrients that would result, would cause some undernutrition.

You must follow a balanced diet that includes all the foods necessary for the proper functioning of the body.


Detoxification based on no calorie foods

One of the healthiest ways to enjoy the benefits of no calorie foods for weight loss is to perform a detox that will take full advantage of their properties.

This detoxification can be done in two or three days, whenever you feel that your body needs to be purified.

However, you can include the foods we will talk about regularly in your diet to take advantage of their many benefits.


What you must not do with no calorie foods

To boost your slimming diet with no calorie foods, you do not need to follow strict rules. Consider the following tips:

Avoid overeating such foods because their components, consumed in large quantities, could have negative effects on your health.

Do not eat all day. Plan 5 to 6 meals a day, and include more of these no-calorie foods during the 2 to 3 days of detoxification.

Eat slowly and chew the food well.

Try to eat raw foods, to make the most of all their benefits.

When you have finished detoxing, it is very important to adopt a healthy and balanced diet.


0 calorie foods list


Cabbage in 0 calorie foods list

Effective for fighting cancer and cardiovascular diseases, cabbage is a very healthy vegetable. He is also an excellent slimming ally given his very low calorie intake (25 calories for 10 g) and is therefore involved in weight loss.


A low-calorie food (43 calories per 100g), beetroot can promote rapid weight loss, especially if you choose steaming or grilling when cooking. Beets also contain a natural antioxidant known as beta wool and gives them the red color that we know them.


Extremely rich in water, cucumber is one of the best foods that can help slim down quickly. It has a low calorie content (16 calories per 100 g) and helps stop cravings. In the kitchen, it is perfect to accompany mixed salads, prepared with other vegetables, low in calories.


In addition to being a low-calorie food (20 calories per 100 g), asparagus is very high in fiber, which helps reduce hunger and weight loss. In the kitchen, they are the perfect choice to accompany your meals and can be grilled or steamed. Also, it is advisable to use butter or fat sparingly when cooking asparagus so as not to increase the number of calories.


Celery-branch is undoubtedly one of the lowest-calorie foods (16 calories per 100 g), so it’s great for people who want to burn the most calories. In a slimming program, it is advisable to consume it by accompanying low-fat foods such as cottage cheese.


Diet slimming par excellence, lemon is very recommended to lose weight because it helps to remove the extra pounds. Low in calories (16 per 100 g), it helps stop the feeling of hunger and reduce the number of calories present. Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it also has many health benefits and is one of the top foods to include in its diet.


In addition to being on the list of low-calorie foods (25 calories per 100g), cauliflower is a very healthy vegetable. It has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the digestion of food and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In short, cauliflower is the perfect food to slim down while staying focused on your health. Do not hesitate to use it in the kitchen to spend all your calories and take advantage of its health benefits.


Mushrooms, especially those from Paris (22 per 100 g), which are the most well-known, have a low calorie content and are used in recipes, they provide a feeling of satiety, thus allowing to control its weight.


Although it is a sweet food, watermelon falls into the category of low calorie foods (30 per 100 g) and also contains many antioxidants. Eating it helps stimulate the basal metabolic rate to burn the maximum amount of calories and thus lose a lot of weight. Delicious fruit, it is advisable not to abuse it to avoid negative effects.


The zucchini is a vegetable that contains very few calories, helping to keep the line easily. Ideal to accompany dishes, it comes in several variants of recipes (zucchini cake, quiche with zucchini, etc.) and is embedded in the menu ideas.


Excellent health food, tomatoes are low in calories (17 per 100 g) and contribute significantly to weight loss and improved health. They fight against cancer, thanks to their high lycopene content and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders. By combining them with other low-calorie foods like zucchini, spinach, you create balanced, healthy meals for the body.


Considered a diet food, grapefruit is one of these foods low in calories (42 per 100g). It is very effective for burning fat and reducing caloric intake on a daily basis. Also note that grapefruit is one of its few fruits that contain few calories because in general, fruits are composed of a good number of calories. To slim down quickly, this fruit is a perfect choice, especially as it gives more flavor and flavor to your dishes.


Brussels sprouts contain several important components and have a low calorie count (43 percent). They have the same benefits as cabbage and broccoli, and when paired with foods from the same family, they provide balanced menus.


Kale is a good food. First, it has important nutrients like proteins, fiber, vitamins and plays a key role for health. Then, low in calories (49 percent), it can help eliminate unwanted pounds and balance meals. Eat as much as you want because this food contributes to better health.


Although it is not very eaten, turnips are a healthy food. Low in calories (28 percent), it contributes to weight loss and is one of the foods that are recommended to be introduced into a slimming diet. With their anti-inflammatory properties, turnips help treat inflammatory diseases. In the kitchen, it is used to accompany the dishes and add a little crispness to the recipes of green salads.


The apple is one of the best fruits recommended by nutritionists because of its many health benefits. It is composed of essential nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber and reduces the risk of a number of diseases. Apples are also very effective slimming foods because they are low in calories (52 percent), they help monitor caloric intake on a daily basis and are a good snack-natural for not snacking between meals.


Low calorie (41 percent) and low glycemic index, carrot helps to lose weight on the one hand and to regulate blood glucose levels on the other hand. Natural diuretic, it is excellent for removing excess water and sodium from the body. In addition, the carrot is considered an effective remedy against inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory effects, one more reason to introduce it into its diet without hesitation.


Described as superfood, broccoli contains anti-cancer molecules and essential elements such as vitamins. It is also low in calories and helps to facilitate the digestion of food thanks to its high fiber content, which is an advantage for people who want to lose weight. Also, it is extremely rich in vegetable proteins and thus leads to a better muscular activity during the training and fitness sessions.


Used on cooking, onions are health-beneficial foods. They participate in the balance of the body and can fight against a number of diseases (cancers). In addition, the onion contains very few calories (40 percent) and thus helps to lose pounds and reshape his physique.


Extremely rich in vitamin C, orange is one of its few fruits that have a low calorie count. It is effective in reducing caloric intake and thus contributes to weight loss.


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