No carb diet: what you should know about it?

no carb diet plan

No carb diet is very popular nowadays, since it is a way to lose weight quickly. Therefore, it is required to know the good and the bad of this type of no carb diet so that you know the advantages and dis advantages.


What are carbohydrates?

Before starting a low carb diet we should know that they are carbohydrates or also called carbohydrates.

They are the ones that give us the energy immediately to the organism. A healthy diet should have a minimum of carbohydrates, as they are very important nutrients for our body, giving us energy and vitality quickly.

What happens is that there are people who ingest these excessively, thus becoming fat and obviously taking a few extra pounds. That is why we must take them in a controlled manner. If we want to lose weight the healthiest is to take less, but we should not do without them in full.



The elimination of hydrates in our body is harmful and unhealthy. First of all, the body will convert the muscle mass into a source of energy (catabolism). This means that even consuming large amounts of protein, the body will reduce muscle mass by providing a source of glucose.

Carbohydrates are a source of glucose and the body will look for other places to find it if it is not provided. Another problem is going to be that the muscle burns energies and begins to lose muscle mass, the metabolism begins to diminish and with it the weight will be increased. It is true that the consumption of proteins will increase muscle mass, but the only way to build muscle is when there is a source of carbohydrates.


But the weight loss due to the water we have lost will not be healthy or productive towards long-term weight loss goals.

Following this type of regimen for long months we end up suffering renal overload and decalcification by the toxins of foods that provide protein, such as meat and eggs.

In general, if we want to maintain good health, we should never eliminate anything 100% of our daily menu so as not to punish the body.



There is an approach that you can cut most of carbohydrates and let the body rely on fats. The principal of this approach depends on fact that all the carbohydrates are not equal. While there are carbohydrates low in calories and contain higher nutrients – which will be allowable, there are another carbohydrates high in calories but contain fewer nutrients – which will be restricted. For example, green vegetables – like Spanish, are low calories and higher nutrients. On the other hand, foods containing added sugars – like Soda, are high calories and fewer nutrients. You can consume green vegetables as you want but you should be away from foods containing added sugars as you can.



There are some foods that are allowed although they contain carbohydrates. Foods that contain white flour and sugar are not allowed in the low carbohydrate diet. On the other hand, most fruits are restricted but there are some that are allowed.

The number of grams of carbohydrates allowed varies by person. Some can take 20 grams of carbohydrates, while others can take 50 to 60 grams per day, that has to be valued by a doctor or specialist.

Here is the list of low carbohydrate foods that you can enjoy.


All types of meat, whether white or red, are allowed, except for the liver

We should not include filling when cooking or breaded

When we eat canned meat we will have to read the label to have the information about the carbohydrates it contains.


All kinds of fish

Seafood (oysters have some carbohydrate)


Of all the ways in which they can be prepared


Up to 50 grams per day


Low starch, green vegetables

We must restrict vegetables with starch such as potatoes, carrots, peas, corn …


We must avoid those that contain a high index of sugar, such as watermelons, bananas, citrus fruits, pineapple …



When we are going to make a diet low in carbohydrates, it is advisable to keep in mind that we should not do without them at 100%. I give you some tips below to follow them when making a low carb diet:

Whenever it is not advised against by a doctor, we will take 2 slices of wholemeal bread at breakfast, since in the morning it is when we need to have more energy and the only way is with certain carbohydrates.

We must include in our breakfast a good contribution of proteins, which we must take all day, but especially it is good to take them in the morning because as we have all day to burn their calories, we will lose weight faster.

We must include fruits and vegetables in our diet. These will give us vitamins, minerals, and fibers, as well as being low in calories, which will not fatten us. We must consume at least 3 to 5 pieces during the day. In the snack and dinner we include low-sugar fruits and vegetables such as orange, apple, lettuce or spinach.

We will take lean red meats, among which are chicken breast or turkey or fish, as these are high in protein but low in fat.

Boiled or water-washed eggs are the most recommended at the time of dieting. If you have a cholesterol problem, what you should do is take only the clear one.

You can take up to 50 grams of cheese a day, but it is advised that you take it at breakfast, as we will have all day to burn your calories and fats.

I am sure that with these tips you can make a diet without carbohydrates or at least low in carbohydrates.


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