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T Factor Diet recommends reducing fat



T Factor Diet recommends reducing fat in the diet as a practical way to achieve and maintain good health and lose excess weight. T-Factor Diet plan was created by Dr. Martin Katahn in 1989. He was one of the first to say that the total number of calories in the diet is less important than the source of these calories. To reduce weight, he recommended consuming 20 to 40 grams of fat per day for women and 30 to 60 grams for men.

Dr. Martin Katahn Understanding what the “T-factor” is, according to which the calories of carbohydrates are burned faster than the calories of fat, you can lose weight quickly and safely and keep the achieved results without feeling hungry.


T-Factor Diet Principle:

Nutritionists have regularly tended to the idea that the body utilizes carbohydrate and protein calories more promptly than calories from fat (the last are all the more effectively stored in fat cells). Katahn, executive of the Vanderbilt Weight Management Program at Vanderbilt University, gives both welcome verification of and a total nutrition program in view of that thought. The “T” in “T-Factor” remains for “thermogenesis”- – the “burning up” of calories for energy, a procedure requiring a blend of fats and nonfats. Katahn fights convincingly that we can utilize this biomechanical procedure further to get in shape without counting calories: we can constrain our bodies to turn excess stored fat continuously into energy by lessening our intake of fatty foods and participating in customary, low-power high-impact work out.


T factor meaning

The T-Factor Diet changed flow considering the treatment of obesity by demonstrating that lessening fat in the eating routine is a successful method to get in shape, and the best method to keep up weight loss, while in the meantime decreasing the danger of disease and certain cancers.


Food menu:

In the foreground, foods rich in fiber and quality carbohydrates: vegetables, salads, whole grains. For fatty meat and other fat products you must forget. Meat is allowed only lean, cheeses only low-fat and fruit on a daily basis.



You do not have to worry about counting. Only the intake of fat should not be higher than 20-40 g per day.


Weight loss:

Slower but more durable.


T factor diet pros and cons

  • It improves your life through an exercise plan. Endurance training has a beneficial effect on our psyche.
  • Weight loss can become a side effect, and sports activities target dieting. Sport also reduces appetite, which naturally regulates weight.
  • The most important advantage is: very pleasantly balanced diet, rich in fiber and quality carbohydrates, which in turn positively affects our psyche.
  • Consumption of excipients may be dangerous. it should only be a rational support for thermogenesis for a certain period of time – to achieve the desired weight. Then these substances are no longer needed.
  • Care must be taken to supply high-quality fats, as the amount is limited, but our body needs the right fats to function.


T factor supplement

You can found the t factor supplement in all famous stores.



Daily is recommended.


Exercise is important in T Factor Diet


Advantages of combining diet and exercise

Whether it is about losing weight, maintaining it or improving our physical form, it is best to make a combination of diet and exercise. If we want to lose a few kilos without starving ourselves and without losing muscle mass or bone density, the solution is to forget about restrictive diets and sedentary lifestyle.

This is a fairly simple matter: overweight occurs as a logical consequence of the imbalance maintained between intake and caloric expenditure, that is, the less we spend, the more we save, and if we do not want to save there are only two options: spend more or enter less.

To enter less, means to reduce a lot the calories of our diet, and therefore, this usually results in strict, unhealthy and difficult to follow diets.

Spending more means increasing the energy demands of our body and this is achieved through exercise. However, it is not easy to lose weight only through exercise, since, for this, we should increase our level of activity disproportionately, and this, in addition to not being healthy, is not easy to achieve either.

What will be the solution? Well no more or less than a combination of these two measures, but yes, always with a head.

If we want to lose those extra kilos, we should follow a diet that does not abuse fat or simple sugars, but if we also exercise, we must take into account some factors:

– It is not advisable that our diet is very restrictive, as this will cause fatigue, muscle fatigue, cramps and even dizziness.

– The high protein diets, those that reduce or totally prohibit carbohydrates, are also not advisable if we practice exercise, since carbohydrates are necessary as fuel and without them we will overcome fatigue and fail our strength.

We should not start the exercise fasting with the idea of “pulling” our fat as an energy source, it is a mistake.

– To lose those extra kilos, it is best to practice an aerobic type sport and combine it, at least a couple of times a week, with another toning.

– If we want to reduce abdominal fat (lose belly) it is best to practice aerobics instead of busting abdominals, because the muscles of the abdomen can’t be seen until we have lost the layer of fat that covers them.

– It is necessary to learn how to choose products for the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and therefore caloric content. It should be recalled that almost every product sold in stores and supermarkets, there is a marking on the calorie content.

– Be sure to consult your dietician or gastroenterologist before starting treatment for obesity and diet. Along with it, you can register the daily amount of calories consumed.

Finally no more words can describes the benefits and importance of exercise beside your diet plan to achieve your target of weight loss and a healthy life.




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