Yogurt diet: Fast and drastic diet plan to lose weight

3 days yogurt diet

Yogurt diet is an interesting solution if you want to lose your extra pounds quickly. However, this diet low calorie and drastic is difficult to follow.

Yogurt diet can lose up to 5 pounds per week! But this diet requires some changes in his eating habits, increased determination and a great deal of rigor. In addition, if it is effective for weight loss, it is not without consequences.

But how does this diet work? What are its basic principles? What are the rules to follow? What are its advantages and disadvantages?  Everything is explained in this article!


Yogurt diet: what is it?

greek yoghurt plan to lose weight

It is a very low-calorie and fast diet that consists of making this dairy product the basis of its diet for several days. As part of this diet, you can consume between 5 and 8 yogurts per day and lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days! Today, this diet is recognized as the fastest to lose weight.

With this slimming diet, the idea is to limit daily caloric intake.

Anyway, before starting such a diet, it is essential to seek the advice of your doctor in order to know if this low calorie diet is compatible with your state of health.


What is the principle of this fast diet?

The principle of yoghurt diet is very simple. As indicated in the previous paragraph, this diet consists of consuming between 5 and 8 yogurts per day over a period of 3 to 5 days.

However, yogurt does not contain all the nutrients to good health. It is therefore important not to exceed 8 yogurts per day and follow this diet only for 5 days to limit the risk of deficiencies. You can still start it again one to two months later if you wish.

Of course, it is important to eat yogurts at 0% fat or whole or semi-skimmed white cheeses.


Why yogurt is good for losing weight?

Recent studies of 380 women in the United States and Canada have shown that those who consume less milk show greater trends for being overweight. Although the links of cause and effect are not yet demonstrated, the results are very real. We now consider that calcium is favorable for weight loss; yogurts are very rich in calcium.

Yogurts at 0% fat are consistent and contain few calories. Made from fermented milk, they contain two specific bacteria that affect weight loss and intestinal balance. They are also sources of lean protein, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, zinc, vitamins A and B, folic acid and pantothenic acid. This richness provides essential nutrients to the body that can follow the diet for a short time without suffering.


How long should you follow a yogurt diet?

Even though yogurts contain essential nutrients, they are not provided with all the vitamins, trace elements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates that the body needs daily and in the long term. It is therefore strongly advised to follow this diet only 7 days, 8 at the most, and not to renew it within 60 days.


How many pounds can we expect to lose with a yogurt diet?

By drastically reducing your daily calorie intake, you can expect to lose 5 pounds in 1 week. To do this, you must make sure to swallow a minimum of sugars and fats so that your body uses its reserves, thus eliminating cellulite.


Who is the yogurt diet intended for?

This diet is a diet that requires energy and especially determination. This diet plan is therefore interesting for people wishing:

  • Lose weight, eliminate the fat contained in the belly and thighs.
  • Keep their muscle mass by the proteins contained in yoghurt.
  • Facilitate their digestion.
  • Strengthen their immune system.
  • Limit snacking between meals because of the appetite suppressant effect of yogurts.


The basics of the yaourt regime

The basis of the yogurt diet is that many common chronic diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity are caused largely by poor nutrition. She believes that an inadequate intake of nutrients and good bacteria, as well as an excess of calories contributes more to these chronic diseases. In the opinion of experts, by consuming three servings of yogurt a day, the body will get the nutrients and good bacteria needed to help lose weight and keep the line.

Yogurt provides the body with calcium, protein, vitamins and probiotics that are beneficial to the body. Probiotics help strengthen the action of naturally occurring bacteria in the body and can help repel harmful bacteria. They also help keep the digestive system in good working order. Research has shown that adding three servings of yogurt to the daily diet can help boost fat and weight loss. Some yogurt diets focus on consuming yogurt alone and removing all other foods. The advice is adding three servings of yogurt to a low-calorie diet.

We will start by eliminating all foods that could cause damage to the body. This includes processed foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates. These foods are replaced by whole grains, fruits, vegetables and of course yogurt. Preference will be given to whole milk yogurts, low in fat and simple. Yogurts with added sugars and flavors should be avoided as far as possible. A serving of 4-5 ounces of yogurt will be eaten 3-4 times daily, before or after a meal, or as a snack. Combining yogurt with a healthy lifestyle will provide the nutrients the body needs to lose weight quickly.


The advantages and disadvantages

Its advantages

This fast diet allows you to lose weight in record time. As stated beforehand, you can lose up to 5 pounds in one week if you follow this diet. This diet is also ideal for people who love this dairy product and want to lose their extra pounds very quickly and / or keep their muscle mass. With the yogurtyoplait yogurt diet diet, you can also give free rein to your imagination and prepare many recipes with this dairy product. Another advantage of this diet: it is inexpensive and can be implemented as soon as you want!


The yoghurt diet also helps to lose weight naturally and enjoy an appetite suppressant. Indeed, if you consume a yogurt you can be full and you will avoid giving in to the temptation of an unauthorized food as part of a slimming diet.

Finally, with this low-calorie diet, you can enjoy an important intake of calcium, a mineral essential for the preservation of bones.


Its disadvantages

Of course, if this diet is effective, it is not without risks. Indeed, with this fast diet, you risk suffering the effects yo-yo at the end of this diet. In other words, you risk to regain the lost pounds, even to take more. If you continue this diet after the 5 days recommended, you also expose yourself to a risk of significant deficiencies. It is therefore essential to incorporate in this diet other foods rich in fiber, vitamins, … etc.


Precautions to take before starting

Before starting this diet, some precautions should be taken into consideration. First of all, if you suffer from intolerance or lactose allergies, you will not be able to start such a diet, of course. In parallel with the yoghurt diet, it is also not recommended to eat fatty foods, salty and sweet. On the contrary, products rich in fiber and vitamins must be consumed to fill the nutritional gaps caused by this diet. Finally, if you practice sports, it is recommended to stop during your diet, and for good reason! As mentioned before this diet is very low in calories.


The mandatory rules

As explained before, if you follow this diet, you will have to eat between 5 and 8 yogurts a day for 3 to 5 days. But it is also important to supplement your diet with other foods. Here are some explanations on the products to consume in the morning, the afternoon, at the snack and in the evening:

In the morning: 2 yogurts, fruit juice (or fruit) and unsweetened hot drink.

Lunch: steamed vegetables, fish fillet or meat and 1 or 2 yogurts.

Afternoon tea: a yogurt with a fruit.

In the evening: a salad or soup and 2 yogurts.

To limit fatty and sugary foods, you can replace olive oil (or other dedicated to cooking) with coconut oil, bread (white, full, cereal) with rice cakes and sodas and syrups and other sugary drinks with still water or lemon juice.



Yoghurt diet: recommended and not recommended foods

Recommended food:

Fruits and vegetables.

Lean meats (chicken, veal, ham).

Lean fish (cod, bream, sole, hake …).

Non recommended food:

Butter and oils (mostly cooked).

Sugar, milk chocolate and honey.

Fresh cream.


Meats and fatty fish.

Chips and all fried foods.

Sugary drinks.


Yogurt diet pro ana

½ cup fat-free yogurt

Fruit Salad (made off kiwi fruit, orange, pineapple, and peeled apples)
Glass of fruit juice (from one of the above fruits)

½ cup fat-free, sugar-free yogurt


Yogurt and oatmeal diet

When you go on Yogurt and oatmeal diet, it’s hard to miss the yoghurt cake. It’s not expensive and it allows you to have fun without too much fat. The yoghurts 0% or nature can hold up well when you’re on a diet so why not make a cake while continuing to lose weight.


4 tablespoons oat bran

5 eggs

150g yogurt 0% fat

6 tablespoons skim milk powder

2 tablespoons of sweetener (ex: agave syrup)

1 packet of dry yeast

Aroma of your choice (eg hazelnut, vanilla, orange blossom …)


Preheat the oven to 200C / 6. Put parchment paper in a dish of about 20cm. Chop oat bran as finely as possible using a blender or food processor, then combine with all other ingredients. Transfer the mixture into the mold. Reduce oven temperature to 180C / 4 and bake cake for 35 minutes until lightly browned on top.


Apple and yogurt diet

If you are looking for a way to lose weight healthily and very quickly, you should heard about the yogurt and apple diet.

The diet with yogurt and apples is a very effective solution to lose weight and that’s why it’s called the star diet. I just have to tell you that it’s natural yoghurt that you have to choose. All varieties of apples, on the other hand, work very well.

The fruit and yogurt diet plan is a temporary diet, you only have to do it 7 days in a row. If you do not wait for your ideal weight after these 7 days, you will have to take a break of 2 weeks before starting again.

This diet is intended to facilitate digestion so avoid taking soft drinks, sugary foods and especially red meat.


Greek yoghurt plan to lose weight

Smooth as sour cream, but as low in fat as lean yogurt.

Drained, as the Greek tradition dictates, this explains the thicker consistency of this type of yogurt and its higher protein content compared to other yogurts on the market. These are the most important differences between the two products. Made from skim milk, most Greek yogurts have 0% m.g., while others contain a little cream to add even more creaminess. Fat increases by only 2%.

The basic difference between traditional yogurt and Greek is thick and consistency. Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier and is loaded with various such compounds, which are difficult to obtain from traditional yogurt. The versatility of Greek yogurt, it is really beneficial for health, as well. Read on to discover the amazing health benefits that Greek yogurt offers.

The benefits of Greek yogurt for health

  1. Calcium top

Greek yogurt is relatively rich in calcium, which is needed in large quantities by women to get healthy bones and strong teeth.

  1. High protein

Greek yogurt, in fact, it grows in protein than traditional yogurt. Almost double!

  1. Lactobacillus natural bacteria

Greek yogurt also includes natural bacteria, called Lactobacillus, which gives support to the process of digestion. In addition, these bacteria are also useful for maintaining a healthy body weight.

  1. Less than the amount of lactose

Greek yogurt is stretched several times, giving it a thick and creamy. This also makes zilch lactose. Therefore, it is considered excellent for lactose intolerant people as well.

  1. Low in calories

Greek yogurt is low in calories, which is a great benefit that offers people on the diet.

  1. Low sodium

Being low in sodium, Greek yogurt helps those who suffer from high blood pressure. Thus, it can be consumed every day.

  1. Probiotics in Nature

Being fermented, Greek yogurt is a probiotic in nature, which makes it useful for improving digestive function and the immune system.

Ideal for replacing sour cream and mayonnaise in dips, salad dressings or to accompany baked potatoes, Greek yogurt is a great addition to any sauce. Not to mention that it is excellent for beefing up the protein content at breakfast.


Measures to accompany the yaourt regime

The yogurt diet is not a miracle recipe. To be efficient, It must be accompanied by a number of changes in the lifestyle of the patient. The latter will have to set up a regular exercise routine in his daily habits. Weight loss will become easier and your body will work properly. He can not only lose weight, but also help his body to defend against the chronic diseases afflicting society.

It is essential that the patient eat rich and balanced foods, while avoiding excesses. There is no question of eating tasteless foods, but tasty foods whose vitamin and nutrient content will boost metabolism and increase the burning of accumulated fat. Naturally, harmful products such as soft drinks and burgers, foods that contain enormous amounts of calories, but very few quality nutrients, will have to be stopped or completely eliminated from their diet.

At a time when obesity has turned into a global pandemic, the yoghurt diet is a boon. Simple and easy to implement, the yogurt diet consists of adding three to four servings of 150 grams of yoghurt to a rich and balanced diet. Unlike other diets that put incredible pressure on those who want to lose weight, the yogurt diet helps get rid of its extra pounds while having fun. Cravings are what discourages those who want to lose weight, the yogurt diet is in this sense a real revolution. Losing weight becomes a delight with this diet as effective as easy to follow.


Yogurt, intestinal flora and overweight

Last asset of yoghurt and it is important: it is the food that can perhaps most easily consume good bacteria, which will contribute to the balance of the intestinal flora. However, we suspect that it plays a role in weight gain: many studies are currently conducted on this topic.

Does this mean that yogurt is the solution to the extra pounds? Of course it’s not. Weight gain is multifactorial and very complex, but yogurt can probably help to control it.


Last word:

This slimming fast diet is ideal if you want to lose weight quickly. However, it is important to consume other recommended foods in parallel with this dairy product to avoid deficiencies – as mentioned earlier in the The mandatory rules paragraph. On the other hand, it is important to stop this diet after 5 days. Not only because it will be harmful to your health, but also to avoid the famous yo-yo effects and re-gain the lost pounds or even more. After stopping this diet, you should gradually other food to your meals.


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